The first HL2 TC



We're not some crappy mod who's giving you a link to a geocities site with 1 crappy model done.

The Last Great War

LGW has been a WW2 TC on UT2k3 We see that we came into that community here a half a year too late, there are already several outstanding UT2k3 TCs under development. On HL2, we decided to make things right by being the first ones at the scene.

The biggest thing is, you probably think we're trying to rip off Day of Defeat, when thats not true. See the list of pros and cons for why exactly.

Based on new information on Half - Life 2, the team has decided to move to it based on the following Pros and Cons:


-Sept. 30th 2003 Release
-Until HL2 is released, we're going to continue to make models for weapons, and vehicles. Skins, textures, and we're going to try to wrap up most of the sound, and the music. So when HL2 does come out, we'll have a lot of our work done.
-Brand new engine with a lot of great features for mod making in its Source Engine.
-Support for a broader range of PCs, while people with hi-end computers can experience next-gen graphics and visuals.


-Mapping Staff will just have to sit tight until the Sept. 30th release.
-People would think we're trying just to make Day of Defeat on the HL2 engine, while it may appear that way, it is not the case. Battlefield 1942 is what inspired an all nation TC, when we saw Japanese with German weapons, we just didn't like that.
-People think we're idiots for moving to this engine when its not even out. This coincides with one of the pros, by the time this mod is released we'll have most of our content done. In time for a playable Internal Alpha by christmas.

And yea, like I said, we're not going to show you crappy models to show our progress. We'll show you good models. MG42 is not skinned, the other models are. There are a ton of more weapon renders at our site under Infantry Weapons. No In game shots yet for obvious reasons.




Must still be staring at awe :)

Very good work :)
Im sure it will be nice.

From what I've read the SDK will be released early,sometime in summer so that mods will be popping up when Halflife 2 is released.

im not really into world war mods, but I think ill make an exception in this case!
OMFG its gonna kick ass !!!

Its a real honor for U to be the first mod to HL2....
Keep up the good work !!!
I love all games that has anything to do whith WW2 so i belive that this game will OWN!!!!

Great work
Wow, the guns look great. Especially the top one, it looks so magnificent :), great texturing!

It sounds good, but as far as i can see, you guys arent really giving in details about the gameplay ?
Models look so very nice, soooooooooooo nice. One thing though. On the MG, can ya make the red part a little less flat. (No offence! The rest of the thing is amazing. The red just looks odd though). Sry I don't know the name of it. Shoulder guard?
Sorry to say it but he is not first HL2 mod I know plenty who have progress done and are mods for HL2 so hes not first.
Originally posted by BadBruzer
Sorry to say it but he is not first HL2 mod I know plenty who have progress done and are mods for HL2 so hes not first.
Dude... this is the first TC mod and all but the top one of the models are not skinned and modelled well most of them will be completely redone and skinned... and till the sdk will be released we cant kinda do anything but plan and model... :x
*bookmarks page*


Very nice indeed. I'm gonna be keeping tabs on this one for sure.
nice work but the wood texture looks a little artificial
My experience with mods is that 1/10 mod survives, others just die. Some examples are Russian Front for MOHAA, and then the other matrix mod which was in a magazine for Max Payne it got cancelled too.
Ya and dont judge the mod just by few 3d Renders, no offence but its nothing. My personal opinion is thta all mods are useless and take away a lot of time, period
. . . this seems to have been double posted.

But, as for the wood you may not think looks that great; we're gonna reskin that, if not remodel some of them.

The MG42 looks skinned, but its not skinned, its just colored in the render.

No we're not the first; to our knowledge, two HL2 tcs were on before us. Modern Warfare, and a Gettysburg based TC.