The G-Man

May 21, 2003
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Ok, say ANYTHINg about the G-man. This is an all G-man topic.
My question: What do you think the perpose of the G-man is?
Is he an Alien? is he with the Marine grunts, the black ops, the Black Mesa team...or is he just a G-man!!!!!!!! lol....
I'd like to add the additional question of what does the "G" in G-man stand for?
Government I think- according to the OP FOR manual, there is a liitle "diary" that you can see and once it says government guy, the next time he says G-man (but the same guy), so thats what it stands for i believe
the g in g-man is for "government" hence government man.

and a topic was like this on the g-man already u shoulda posted in there. anywho we dont know basiclly anything about him except that hes cool creepy and works for his "employers"
G-Man is a term first used by J edgar hoover meaning 'Government Man' and is commonly used when refering to FBI agents.
....also look out for an old film called G-Men staring james cagney! :)