The HL monsters

You'll more than probably be able to use the model and the skin but for animations maybe you'll have to do a new skeleton etc as HL2 is moving from 3ds to XSI

*** Sat smells the idea of doing a HL1 mod for HL2
why would you want to do that HL2 will feature alot of the old HL1 monsters with an improved look, highreso models, high reso skins , cool sounds etc.
Don't forget the implementation of the muscle system... that would have to be put in.... please don't port :)
All ready thought of this, and It's going to be one of my own personal projects, If they don't appear in game...

I so what to see them all in high res with the muscles, although the hornet gun would be hard to make... :x
No problem, the problem will really be getting freeserve to allow me to upload to my old site :(

the old upload address doesn't register for me any more...
I geuss, I mite have to buy an address or something.. :(