The New Tomb Raider Game...


Jun 8, 2003
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has anyone got the new Tomb Raider game, I warn you it is total and utter pants... brought *Cough* it yesterday, and it does not play like any of the other games, i'm totally discusted (SP?).. I've waited for this game so long and now it plays like the Indianna Jones game :x ...... I think that it is a direct port from the console version, as it has very simpilised controls and you no longer feel in control of lara... it feels like the old SPACE ACE game :x for anyone that remembers that... although most you prob not old enough too :p...

just thought i'd warn you guys.... :(
I'll get it anyway because i feel like spending some money!
wtf does "(SP?)" stand for ?, its driving me nuts :bounce:
oh sorry, it's a habit i've picked up from posting on Alt.Binary newsgroups... I'll be putting for off-topic posts and [R] for on-topic posts next :p...

(SP?) means Spelling?!?
I would of thought people had learnt the Tomb Raider series was utter pants after playing the first game :)
yer, that's it thanks Sidewinder, you put it in better words than me... thanks :p
oooooooh, thanks for clearing that up d00d! :D, finnaly I can die in peace
I thougt the game was dead after Tomb Raider 3..after TR3 only crap was coming out thats why i never play TR again
You're welcom stone. Always glad to help a friend.

And why waste time finding out how to actually speel it when there is a handy 2 letter abbriviations.
well, I've had bad day, and i kind of type my posts, and don't like to stop train of thought because of spelling, so i just try to make it look like it and then put the (SP?) at the end, and if i think about it i'll go back and recheck spelling...

although I am good at english, athough spelling is my week point... ;(
omg u bought the tomb raider game fool tomb raider games always were crap so therefore always will be crap. i.e i agree with munro
Don't use! Use, a center for hateful and degrading definitions! Guaranteed to warp your mind.

As for tomb the words of penny arcade, I am not interested in tombs, or the raiding thereof.
Originally posted by PXM5000
Get Indiana Jones Instead
To little breasts, to little ass... Although, he has a cool whip, Lara has... Uhm... Two big things to poke somebodys eyes out, they are just as efficent as the whip :D