The real City 17 is...



I saw a film last day, "Second Nature" with Alec Baldwin, a poor film, but it has a scene that I knew: City 17 square :eek:

It has the same house colors, the same wired sky, and almost the same buildings. I cannot see the horses...

And the city was... AMSTERDAM

And now, what do you think about that? :dozey:
Amsterdam isn't very eastern european is it? :O
It kind of has the right style but the trams in Amsterdam seem to be yellow, not blue and white.


Not that that means anything, you can take a city from one place and put trams from another place in it.
The trams are the ones used in Gotheburg, Sweden. It's weird if they made it look like Amsterdam, and took swedish trams just for fun.
City 17 looks a bit like Gothenburg, but that square is not from there.
Hmm I read somewhere where it says city 17 is in eastern Europe....?
yup.. eastern. but I dont think its The Netherlands, because we dont have mountains. or shipping docks as shown in the buggy vid.
hmmm not sure...

but you think it's supposed to be real world location(country here...since city17 is fictional)

I'm not sure but I think it might have been mentioned that city17 was a east european-styled city...not really a city located in eastern europe...
I have heard that City 17 is inspired by several European cities and one of them was Amsterdam
I hate looking at European cities. They always remind me of how truly plain and ugly cities here in America are.
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yup.. eastern. but I dont think its The Netherlands, because we dont have mountains. or shipping docks as shown in the buggy vid.
Although the Netherlands don't have Mountains, Rotterdam is the busiest port in the world.
Chili have you ever been to Boston, Philidelphia, Washington D.C., or San Francisco? I mean I think that cities like LA, San Diego, Dallas, and pretty much everything in Florida suck but there's a bunch of cool looking ones too.
Originally posted by PriNcE oF SpAcE you have any idea how many european cities that use a similar style?

..well's not like I've been within 5,000km of any part of europe.
it look just like an ordinary town to me, it could be anywhere
its prolly some town some guy in designer team went to on holiday and he got out his old photo album and presto city 17
city 17 is fictionary ffs...they probably have been inspiried of l ots of europeans places..
Ok, here's my "evidence":

-As I said before there are swedish trams. Maybe they are somewhere else too, but I don't think so.

In this pic ( there is a gate. Above it it's a sign, and it says something like "...THRäS".
I don't know what word it is, but the "ä" letter is swedish only (?, tell me if i'm wrong)
Damn=). If it was an "Å" it would be great, only swedish (I think again).

But the trams are different in germany, isn't they?
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The letter 'ä' is also part of the german language, as are ö and ü.

Speculations, speculations...

It is also part of the Russian.
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Damn=). If it was an "Å" it would be great, only swedish (I think again).

But the trams are different in germany, isn't they?

Danish got it too you "tåbe"(god! that sounded horrible :p)...I would know :)

if you spot an "Æ" or "Ø" though we could be fairly sure where it is...but I'm pretty sure my country doesn't count as "East European" ;)

as many other have said...I'm pretty sure city17 is purely fictional, I'm not just talking the name here...I don't think that it's based on any actual/specific city(nor parts of it)...just generally inspired by eastern European cities like Praque, etc.(actually European cities in general(maybe except southern European since they usually got different architecture(sp?))
Agree, here is picture of the German city:


Here is another European city:


So yeah...
Originally posted by ValVed RaY
looks like tokyo

let me tell you that it definitely(sp?) doesn't look like an asian city...nor does it look like it's in southern Europe(around the mediterranan)
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PriNcE oF SpAcE, i didn't mean the horses as such. The whole memorial looks odd to me. I've yet to see a european memorial like this. It looks more like this is the result of the phantasy of one of Valve's level designers. If you find a reference photograph of a similar memorial please do me a favour and post it here.

hmmm I doubt that you will find any memorial that looks exactly like I've said I don't think valve will copy any existing city or pats of it. just the general inspiration and architectual(sp?) feel...

but I don't see why this memorial is so funny or odd's a quite normal set-up if you ask I wouldn't be suprised to see such a thing in Europe...

two statues facing each other to mark an entrance or plaza(or what ever you would call it) doesn't seem so spectacular or odd to me....
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City 17 is obviously modeled according to an old european style. The tram shown in one of the HL2 movies is similar to some of the old-style trams used in germany, which are still in service today however.

Is the german trams blue and white like that one? The new Swedish trams look like that. Blue-white, flat roof, similar front and end (they look symetrical)
I live in amsterdam and the road signs I saw in the hl2 movies looked awful familiar, im not saying that is NL, cuz in a interview they said the same as said above a few times
Maybe your right Nietzsche, but the sea could be the sea between Sweden and Finland/Russia and the other countries around.

The big submarine in the beginning of the Beach buggy movie looks like a Russian sub, type SSBN or something.
Yes, but it still doesn't look like russia (Haven't been there, but I've seen many pics).
And the "russians" (The Combine) looks like the attackers, not the defenders.
We have been told that the combine are alien (Gamespy movie on the elevator) so i dont think they are russian :LOL:
Are you sure they're alien, or just humans who've hybridised alien technology with regular machinery?
The guy in the video says something like "In this last sequence you will get a look at the citadel at the center of the alien combine. The combine is a fortress wich is slowly eating its way through the rest of City 17"
even though he says: "the alien combine" it could still be humans working for the alien side...

I think the combine soldiers we've seen so far are humans working for the aliens(perhaps brainwashed..or just some force pursuing there own goals allied with the aliens) since it doesn't make much sense to issue ordinary human weapons/gear to aliens....
Could be but if you look at the screenshots of them, the faces of their gas masks look sort of "off" from the rest of the head. An ordinary human wearing a gas mask like that would be staring straight into the rubber. Sort of like their faces are further down and longer out the normal poples.

plus they have algebra on their suits