Tomahawk Completed:

Private Snafu

May 28, 2003
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Skinned and everything (though i wish i knew how i could get gmax to render it better.
I dont call it completed. the texture need ALOT of work. you need to dirty it up, make small dents in the wood etc.

And how did you skinned it? did you made a texture mesh with textport? and did you paint the texture over the texture mesh etc?
I know it doesn't look to good now... I still don't have a dedicated skinner. :-/

What i did was i used lith unwrap to give me a map, and then grabbed some various textures off the internet and plopped them down onto the map template.
nah not really.. but I am sure it will look great when you have a dedicated and good skinner. You simply suck @ skinning :)
lets see how " :) " you are when i take that tomahawk and scalp you. I don't suck i'm just a skinning newb. :-/