I was wondering, since Valve is going to add collision dectection to the game, will you, and NPCs, be able to trip, and fall down?

For example, say the player is running, and he hits a pipe with his 'shin', would he trip? Or would he just kind of stop, like in HL1?

I was wondering, because nothing would be funnier than to try and run from some aliens, only to hit your head on a bar and fall on your butt! :cheese:
omg that would be so cool....what a good idea man. Now that could be true because there is a collison effect and i remember from the original HL they gave out a little info of the game that looked bad ass and then when it came out we were even more amazed at playing it. Dont you all remember? So let's just wait and see...that's all we can and hopefully to hear a ****ing update on TF2.
I know they wont have it, all these little details people imagine would make the game too real. If some of the realism details were added that would be fine, but to make a game to real would make it crappy.
I like it just like it is (according to HL1 and the 600mb movie)!

Theres gonna be significant changes probably because those videos are from last september.
No offense but i hope to god no. People need to calm down with the realism, if you could trip in this game i would be getting so mad from falling all the time. And someone else mentioned how we should have to get feul for vehicles so they shouldnt have unlimited feul. It isnt like we are going to be driving cross country in the game! It is a neat idea, but it wont be included becuase i know i am not the only one who would get mad as crap with falling. People need to calm down with the realism speculation.
I agree Dr.Sbaitso, there is a limit when it comes to realism in games, and being able to trip and fall steps way over it. It would be happening all the time since you have no controll over how you walk, so if you came up to a pipe laying on the ground, how is the game gonna know that you noticed it and decide to walk over it.

Maybe tripping is a possibility when virtual reality becomes the way to play games.
No.. you wont be able to trip. the animations just adapt on the surface. and when you walk against a higerh surface you wont trip, but just stand there.

it would be anoying ass hell if we would trip. its to damn frustrating when you get killed time after time because you keep tripping. the map would have to many bugs (places where you cant go because you trip. even jumping wouldent help.)