Trouble brewing for Doom 3?


May 16, 2003
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I have seen the D3 video from E3 and the game reminds me a lot of System Shock 2, which is a good thing.

However a few things concern me:

We had Doom 3 last year at E3 as coming soon, well here we are a year later still at E3. Combine that with the fact that people like Trent Reznor is backing out because it is taking too long to produce this game. Which is odd since iD is saying the game is almost finished. The beta of this game had tracks/sounds from NIN and Trent Reznor now the final product won't. I am not sure if there are some politics going on behind the scenes there.

Combine that with this quote from Carmack
When asked how long the game would be, Carmack wouldn't commit to a
specific length but said that he favors the recent trend in the game industry toward shorter games with richer,
deeper content packed into the duration.

Now we have glimpse that D3 could be a shorter game (like U2 and Max Payne) which may explain why iD is chosing to take out the save anywhere function found in nearly all FPS games:
He didn't give any specific
clues but said that it may be significantly different from what players are used to in previous id games. Given that
in past games you were allowed to save anywhere, perhaps the company is considering a between-missions
limitation for saving in the new game.

I wonder if this is a way to force a short game to seem longer than it really is?

Sounds omenous to me. Whatever the case, I am not going to be shelling out $50 for a short game where you can only save between missions. Is Carmack even reading message boards to find out what pc gamers like their games to be?
Half-Life 2

I don't think Doom 3 looks/will feel anything like System Sock 2. It's graphics look great but I don't think the gameplay will be much of anything. I know Doom is just a run and gun game but to me that gets boring really fast, and to say that Doom 3 looks like SS2 is a slap in the face to the great game that SS2 was. We all know Doom 3 won't have any type of story. Also it doesn't look like Doom 3 will be bringing anything new to the FPS genre. Half-Life 2 on the other hand has just about as good of graphics, physics and other elements to the game worlds that look amazing.
Hl2 > doom3

My friends think i stupid for saying that... but i know im right :cool:
my only worry is that its gonna suck ,i mean the graphics seem to be all about the horrible lighting effects they have i aint actually looking forward to its release ...i dont say that about many good games but yeah ...shit
Re: Half-Life 2

Originally posted by iancheshire
to say that Doom 3 looks like SS2 is a slap in the face to the great game that SS2 was.

When I said Doom 3 reminds me of SS2 (big diffence between the meaning of reminds and looks like) I am talking about the fear factor of the game. I know D3 isn't going to have the depth of modifying your character to your preferences in skills and going around hacking stuff. I am speaking merely from the fear factor. Doom 3 looks like it is going to be a genuinly scary game, just as SS2 was.

The 2 games look nothing alike any jojo idiot circus clown can see that.
Sounds like D3 is also going to have a PDA feature (for your character, not for you) and email to tell the story. It also sounds like there are lots of humans around at the start, but not so many as the game goes on.