Vector Assassin Wallpaper


Jun 10, 2003
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I've been working on this for a while. Here it is...

1280 x 1024

[ Link ]
hmm, nice and simple... nice to see a white one, although my desktops are usually black, due to the fact that a white one hurts my eyes after a while :(

but very well done, keep it up :p
yep, sorry my mistake...

/me hides from embaresment and the fact that he can't spell embaresment only adds to it....

anywho, it's my new desktop so :p
Yeah, i persoanlly like dark wallpapers.... however right now i have this amazing sunset that i made in 3dsMax...
lol. it's a good wallpaper, i was jsut expressing my perosnally opinions... :)

/me slaps himslef for thinkinf he was more important that he was
hehe, does that make me important then YAY...

hmm maybe you should make some more with the other creatures or people in the game...

An ant-lion one may look good... :cheese:
Now now, both of you are equality special in this thread.
that is a quality wallpaper.. no cut and paste shizzle but a self made vector piece. great work man! now how about make it in 1600 x 1200? :)
Nice work man... good stuff... could you do more vector art like this? Maybe with a combine or even with Freeman?
jhero: What do you mean your desktop is blank? What version of Windows are you running? If you're on an older version you'll have to enable "Web Desktop" or open up the image in Paint (or other Image Program) and change it to a BMP instead of a JPEG.