Jun 21, 2003
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We all know Blizzard is one of the, if not THE, best gaming companies to grace this world...right?
Then how come Warcraft III and TFT are not even close to the quality of their previous games, i.e. Diablo II and Starcraft BW?
just want to get some opinions.

Days till September 30th...
WAY too many
I thought Warcraft III was good, though it wasn't revolutionary. The story was a good enough continuation, and it segued into World of Warcraft fairly well. One question.
What's TFT?
im a big fan and i must say Warcraft tft has some juice therefore its gona be great
Blizzard are as everyone knows the Kinds of their gener(s) TFT has allreday gotten great Reviews

I.E 89% in PCGamer uk edition. Definatley an Add-on worthy of our money.
I was never a big fan of Warcraft 3. I guess I thought it was a bit too 'mainstream' for my likes. Probably because I got that and Medieval: Total War at about the same time (MTW is one of my favourite games). I dunno...the base building/resource gathering thing gets mighty old for me.

In other news, four of Blizzard's children (Erich Schaefer, Max Schaefer, David Brevik (these three founded what later became Blizzard North, the makers of Diablo) and Bill Roper) have left. Too bad.