Weapon refrence images?


May 18, 2003
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does anyone knows a good website where they have very good high res images off smg's handguns, rifles etc.? I am looking for the P90. anyone has some good images?
Try searching in google for the manufacturer of the weapons u want, e.g Heckler & Koch, Colt, Kalashnikov, then u can download the manuals and start building ur own 1337 gun :D *tip*
I've got some for you Evil, I'll e-mail the ones I used for my P90 that you aint seen yet :p

here are some images...


I can't remember where I got the good ones from.. ;(
the best i find is google.com and altavista.com image search.
That'd be a good idea...for someone on the board to start a referance image site... where people can submit good referance images etc! wouyld be really usefull! :cheese:
Yeah that would be a great idea! It would save a lot of time searching and struggling to get good images :D
I'd do it but i'd need web space to do so.... and I haven't even got access to my own web site at the moment due to the stupidity of Freeserve :flame: ... If anyone else wants to do it... I'd give you every damn referance image I've ever used.. and thats alot of images (5 years worth in fact)
maby i'l make something..
Just need to get done with this php job I have..
Could be a simple gallery script with users..
/me hugs Vakuum...

well offered my friend :cheers:
If got lots a webspace and a good server.

300mb server 10gig traffic php mysql the whole sha-bang, i can host some images as well if u like
i've got a site like that in the works. looking for a decent server to use that won't nail me on bandwith overrun. as for good sites
for reference pics

Security Arms

Modern Fireamrs
thanks for the links, i am always looking for good reference sites :)

also, with this site that you are thinking of developing. do you think it is going to be just a gun reference site or will it include other reference images aswell?
I think it should just be a referance image site... maybe have request bit so people can request images and other people can post them :cheese:
perhaps a wikki site so everyone can upload the reference pics they find. I'm tearing apart the Sig Arms catlaouge .pdf and i'll post what i got by the end of the week.
Good morning..

Maby I can have a site on a friends server..
It's 100mbit and i can have som space there..

My consept was..
gallery with folder, like "Taurus" "humwee" etc..
mysql db with users\password..
People can upload images to the gallery, but only admin's can delete..
This site will be for blueprints, photos and good images for 3d modeling and skinning..

Sounds good? btw.. thinking of a automatic signup.. so it's free for everyone..
go ahead Vakuum,
if you want to go ahead and make it, go ahead... maybe Halflife2.net would host you if you smile nicely at them :cheese:

i'll give you all my referance images as soon as it's up... :cheese:
This sound slike a great project in the making...

I voueenteer to do writing, so as to give people basic details of the wepaon.
here's a link for cars tanks and planes


its in russian but the pics speak for themselves! ;)