Anyone noticed that ?
In the movie and the screens (http://www.halflife2.net/image_files/Halflife10.jpg) the weapon model is an HK mp5 PDW (http://world.guns***/smg/smg15-e.htm).
But Gordon has a HK mp7 PDW in his hands, design change??
you can see the difference best during the street-firefight, or when Alyx hands you over a weapon (the part where the striders attack this lab or whatever...).
just wondered...
Place holder me thinks. Valve mentioned that they useing alot of old hl1 material as a place holders untill the hl2 version is finished.. so i dont know
1. They could be just totally different guns, 1 issued to colombines, 1 issued to gordon.

But in the movie, Alyx gives Gordon an mp5 PDW, but he has an mp7 in his hands, so i think your 2nd point maybe more right.
If this is the case, I think we will see the mp7 in the game, just because its "newer", the mp5 bdw must be from an older status of hl2.
I want to see both guns. Even if it isn't very neccesary it would be cool with a lot of similar guns. Like if there was a lot of different handguns and stuff.
Re: Re: Weapons-design-change....

Originally posted by THU9EN5TE1N
1. They could be just totally different guns, 1 issued to colombines, 1 issued to gordon.

2. The SMG OR the hk mp5k could be just replacements used temporarily for the tech demo's. Tho id take that mp5k over that other SMG anyday.

Your 2nd theory is correct. As Lynx said, Alyx hands Gordon the MP5K in the lab scene, yet when its in his hands, it becomes an MP7.

Also notice that throughout the video, Gordon sometimes picks up MP5Ks' dropped by allies and Combine, and when he does, it causes the ammo supply for his MP7 to increase. Furthermore, in the part of the video where he fights with all the Combine (the level with the traps and stuff), he drops his MP7 to pick up a SPAS-12, yet the gun that hits the ground is an MP5K.

I think it's pretty obvious that Valve just hasn't finished the w_model (world view) for the MP7 yet, but they have done the v_model (first-person view) model. By the time the game ships, we'll be seeing Combine and allies all using MP7s' (as it seems to be the weapon-of-choice for most characters in the game).
thats exactly what I think.

/me looks forward to fire the mp7 :cool: