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May 29, 2003
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i asked this in the IRC Channel, but there is a lot of fools in there =).
Im making a website with all my stuff, and i want a name. Im getting a .tk adress because i dont want to pay for a .com(even though i can get on for $8/y)
Just vote please. If you have a different idea post it please!
Dont call us fools :)

You know that the .tk urls are very unstable? You should look for a other short url.
Well, as far as url's go - the shorter, the better. It's easier for people to remember if it's short.
I voted spudbuddy simply because it think its the funniest, but if you dont liek that maybe you should just go for spud of hotspud.
man.. just buy a domain.. its alot more stable then a .TK adress.. cuz thier servers are down alot wich means that you cant reach your site with your shit :). and its only 8 dollars a year wich is nothing.
Originally posted by nietzsche
If you want to give your site an intellectual, exclusive touch, why not call it "" (potatoe) ? :D

Ok, i put down the crackpipe now...

Why would French make it sound intellectual? Not that Ive got anything against France, i just don't like them.

I have to say studlyspud is probably my favourite now.
alright, ill go for, the one no one chose