Were wating for Media right.!



Ok listern chaps,
Were all sat here like Lemmons wating for this Media to come out.
I just had a totaly rediculas thought, What happens if when the downloading starts and it is infact a playable demo of MATRESS lobbing in the Pool. ;)
Wouldnt that be cool :)
If it is... im gonna be mighty pissed. It would ruin HL2 for me because I would play it soo much. I wanna wait so the acctual game is a total supprise!
m8 it Matress lobbing your telling me you would pass on that .?

God god thats some will power you got there :)
Or Gooch all of this is jsut made by :) And we just sitting here, waiting for nothing :)
I dont wanna have any feel for the source engine until HL2 is released. It amkes it so much more enjoyable. I wish I had the same strength to withstand looking at the media too..
GOoch you are just manipulating these ppls minds ;) STOP THAT :D You sounds like Valved-Ray.. And .. no no no ;) VALVe has confirmed that it won't be a demo until after the release..
Or perhaps it will rain shit and hell will freeze over before we will ever see some sort of demo before the actual release of HL2 :D
Shockwave m8 and Mr.Reak Geekk

I know the chances of this happening are 0.0 but god dam what a thought :)

Totaly speculative i know.
You acctualy have know idea Geek how Desperate

Not a demo just a little look at the Matress thing. :)

i appologise right now if ive upset anyone.:(
If you could get HL right now, how much money would u be willing to pay for it?
I would let some fool pay a ridiculous amount of money for it, wait for them to upload it/get burgled by a member of this forum and wait for them to upload it, download it myself and send a cheque for £26.99 to Valve :)
Not sure how much ide pay to be honest. Quite alot i would imagine :)
i would pay .ummm let me make sure...

Ok, i thought it over and I would pay $150.00 ! wait a sec..
i guess i would go more. I need to rethink this.
people i dont see wtf you are getting all exciting about, the video we are getting from steam is not new at all, we are just getting a %100 quality version of a part of it
Shockwave, you don't know that, at all, that's just as good a speculation as if I said he's giving us all the game for free tomorrow morning.
look nerds im gonna go **** my girlfriend now, she is so upset of what u guys are posting here, never gonna show her anything bout games again ffs :p

No dissrespect to you at all But weres the confermation that thats the case..Im not saying that your not right its just that theres a lot of different speculation.

Obviousley i know its not going to be some sort of Mattress lobbing demo thing, Ive been around here to long,
But i just though helll what if. ?

Is that now a crime.?

And i have appologised onece already im not appologising again m8.
GOoch-the media u r talking about-was it the media that Gabe said would come out 2day?
why is everyone asking questions ?, knowone knows what the video will be :)
Yesss, there is only one new media O_O! (not one vid, but one item -- you know)
Where can you see when new media arives?

With steam beta 2.0? if so, where?

or somekind of valve website? :)
AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna flip out. This has been asked and answered hundreds of times. It will be in the Games menu. JK, I don't mind :p. Just try searchin' first and I'm sure you'll find it.
Originally posted by Gojin
Yesss, there is only one new media O_O! (not one vid, but one item -- you know)
The word media is plural, actually. Sing. medium. So is data (sing., datum), but nobody really pays attention to that these days.
The word..... I DONT CARE. I'm in vacation so I really don't give a damn about my grammar and usage, lol.

Edit: Now Kanuk, join me in cs 1.6 with murray and geek :D