Wheres Shepard!?

Jun 30, 2003
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Wouldn't it be cool if Shepard escaped from where ever the Gman put him?Then he could help u kick the combine's arse!:cheers: :bounce:
Try searching the forum, you'll notice that this has been asked about alot. Thankyou.
Check out the Half-Life 2 Theories thread (not sure if that's the exact name, but it's pretty close). Brought it up a few times.

Yer this has been brought up many a time, with many an interesting discussion, good concept though as it always has been
Well i think Shepard is someone of Combine soldiers or 890.
Who know...Maybe he is dead
shephard would be a good "boss" enemy with his advanced experience, knowledge, and skills.

you know, if shephard became part of the combine and all.