Which name is better for a cyberpunk mod?

Which name is better for the mod?

  • Neon Streets

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  • Street Samurai

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May 18, 2003
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Alright, after some heavy discussion our team has narrowed our options to two possible names. Either "Street Samurai" or "Neon
Streets". If we go with street samurai we may add a year to it, like "Street Samurai 2040". We're making a cyberpunk mod that draws heavily on books like Neuromancer, games like Deus Ex and Shadowrun, and movies like Ghost in the Shell. So which do you think is better?
none of both, but if there is no other choice, 'neon streets' then.

I saw your three suggestions, and I'd rather not have the mod called "half life 2:something something". Its not in any way a sequal of half-life 2, and urban chaos is too similar to urban combat. We need a name thats significantly different from the other mods out there.
not neon streets since the shortening would become NS, which already exists
ns dosnt exist in hl2.. atleast not yet. there is no conformation of ns goin to hl2. but its most likly gonna be redone for hl2. atleast i hope!! :)
No offense, but these names annoy me. Neon Streets is unimaginably bland, and, for Las Vegas residents, a very common sight. Nothing sticks out about the name. For Street Samurai, I have to ask - why samurai? If it's going to be a japan-central mod, go with something else. "Street Ronin" would be better. Since I do not believe this mod is particularly ethnically centered, why not use "Street Warriors" or remove the "street" altogether. Street + (Fighter class) reminds me too much of Street Fighter, and that's not the image you're looking for. Completely contradicting what I just typed a few minutes ago, what about "Cyber/Street Cowboys"? I could go on and on. Should I? Or should I just shut up?
Gon on, it's funny :) well....Neon Streets is quite lame, but Street Samurai actually made me laugh, since ttbmk this mod has NOTHING to do with honour or japanese culture.....ah well
alright dummies

Samurai have TONS to do with cyberpunk. In the landmark book Neuromancer there were multiple references to a corporate samurai that did the missions of their parent corporation, as well as stuff like the ninja stars in the chiba shops. Shadowrun a well known pen and pencil cyberpunk game had an entire archtype called Street Samurai, so the association between samurai and cyberpunk IS real. Your dunce cap is in the mail.

Namewise I think we will be going with "Corporate Anarchy", its still somewhat bland but firearms and counter-strike are super-bland and that hasn't hindered their success.
Samuri have stuff to do with Cyberpunk......but since when had they been a part of your mod....Yeah Corporate Anarchy may be bland, but there is no confusion about what it is about :)
Good, good. In other news we're just recruited our third programmer.
Industrial Wasteland?!?

hmm, I do agree that "Corporate Anarchy" is better than the first two, which both make it sound like a 2d game with..

"Street Samurai" = is either a beat 'em up or something like "Shadow Dancer"


"Neon Streets" = reminds me of a card game?!?

so either Coporate Anarchy or something different... like "Industrial Wasteland"?!?
Integral Chrome?
Dark Machine?
Ball sack?

Just a few of my suggestions.

since I've already registered the name and setup the hosting, I'd say we're probably going to stick with Corporate Anarchy. Also dr.strange, check your pm box.
like I said.... thats a better name than the others.... which made the game sound like it was something else...
cyber punk is a style you find in alot off movies and games.
good cyberpunk movies

check out Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, and Ghost in the Shell. They are all very good movies, though mnemonic is the weakest of the three. Also our interim website is up www.corporateanarchy.net

I'll start a new topic when our final website and forum is up.
I think Johny Mnemonic isn't that bad. If Keanu would've worn black leather clothes, it could be a movie prototype of Matrix. Ok, Matrix without KungFu is a bit weak ... :dozey:
hmm. neon streets is alright. Don't like corporate anarchy for some reason. Electric sausage?