Who is playing Galaxies?


May 23, 2003
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I am currently on Ahazi on Naboo, name Gave Darkstrider, i will be back on later tonight if anyone wants to play. Post your name and stuff here if you are playing. I think the game is extremly sweet and addicting.
hey Dr.Sbaitso, i live in the Uk, so im having probs ordering my copy. Im prolly just gonna import it from dvdboxoffice.com or something. I definatly dont wanna miss out on that game man :cool:

I will be called Oorssk the Trandoshan, and il live on tatooine. Havent decided which server yet though :cheese:
I think Gamespot has had one of the best reviews of Galaxies thus far. It really highlights both the positive and negative aspects of the game. I was in the beta for Galaxies, and I can tell you that the vast majority of testers knew this game wasn't ready for retail. However, I believe SOE had their hand in pushing it out the door. That's just personal specualation though. I like Galaxies for what it can become, but not so much for what it is now. I really think SW fans will enjoy their time in the game, because it has a great SW atmosphere, but in the long run I don't think there's enough content to hold too many people interested. Especially for $15 a month. I'd be willing to bet that SWG will become what most people hoped for, it's just going to take much longer than people want to wait. Be patient and I think you'll see this title become an outstanding MMORPG.
Sounds like you're asking for the world, not wanting to give anything in return. I honestly don't think the technology is there to do what you're asking. That's thousands of players, millions of polygons, and hundreds of thousands of statistics to compute all at once. It's just not going to happen.

Positive aspects? MMORPGs are what you make them. The SWG universe is very immersive if you allow yourself to be immersed (heh is that a word?). Walking around Theed, Endor, or even Tantooine has some of the best atmosphere in any SW game. Being able to create a character with such detail, that it's increbily rare to ever see someone who looks like you. Having such an intricate and expansive skill/profession list, allowing you to tailor your character into anything you please.

To many the game at it's current state isn't worth the $15 a month, but to hundreds of thousands it is. And it's only going to get better from here. Sure, SOE made the mistake of advertising features that were eventually cut from the initial release, but those features will still be included. This is just the first step in the evolution of a great SW franchise. The majority of over-hype is a direct result of the community. We brought it upon ourselves by expecting too much. Take the game for what it is, and enjoy it.
wow wot a waste of money paying to play. never heard of a game that does it
Wow what the hell are you talking about man. What did they promise that didnt make it in the game? Vehicles, Creature Mounts, and Player Cities. Three ****ing things, that WILL be added in the coming moths. How the **** can you say that things like Jedi werent added into the game? The devs repeatedly said that Jedis would likely not show up in game for a couple months at least. ANd not to mention that while running across Naboo yesterday, i bumped into a Dark Jedi NPC who predictably kicked my ass. If you dont like the gameplay then dont play it, if all you feel like doing is going out and trying to kill shit then yeah it might get a little boring sometimes for you, but try doing some other things then besides shooting shit. And if you dont like the 2 or 3 dollars more a month then dont ****ing pay for it either. I think it is a great game. Is it revoloutionary? No. Is it fun? Hell ****ing yes! Me and my friends get on and go hunting and crafting all the time and like to screw ppl out of money and have a blast doing it. And also i ahve not run into ANY bugs that totally make me want to stop playing the game. And since i have had it my game has lost its connection ONCE, and that was the cable companies fault. So dont make so many ****ing assesments after playing the game for 2 days. (And yeah i am sure you have been following it for a year when you obviously had no idea that it takes a long time to become a jedi, which the devs had said REPEATEDLY).
I get mad becasue you post 3 times saying about how bad this game is but you dont care apparently. So just because they dont have 3 things the promised to be in the game, it sucks? And once they add player cities, creature mounts and vehicles the game will be good? Seriously get real, the game isnt going to change when vehicles and creature mounts are added, it will just be a quicker way of getting across terrain. And Player cities i dont see why you are upset about them not making it in yet, NOBODY EVEN HAS THE CAPACITY TO GO AND BUILD A CITY! Again how do you know that jedi arent in the game playable. This is the third time i ahve said this but the devs had said that it will take a long time for a person to become a jedi. It doesnt happen over night, just cause you dont see it doesnt mean it isnt there. And no i will not end the argument becasue this is a very good game, well worth the 15 bucks a month
Yeah no you cant do that you were the one who instigated the argument, i will finish it.