[WIP] Assault Rifle


Jul 1, 2003
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Here's a model I did today - WIP for a mod I haven't announced yet(working on the design doc and concept art, but all you really need to know is it's near future). This is obviously inspired by the G36 :sniper: . Right now it stands at a lean 656 triangles. Modeled in Wings3D and rendered in Max.


what i m about to say is pure critism. do not take any offense to it, i am criticizing the model, not you.


1)It looks like a frickin' bubble.
2) Most guns have angled lines and sharper edges. It looks like your tured meshsmooth on for the gun.
2) the barrel is way to thick, unless thats a silencer, then it would be much thicker.
Thanks for the criticism Sidewinder. Here's what the model looks like in Wings3D:


As you can see quite angled in most respects hehe. Not sure what happened after importing into Max, might have something to do with being rendered w/ Brazil as well. I'll try manually creating smoothing groups. Good point about the barrel. Thanks for the feedback!
well, the wings wireframe models looks 10000000 times better than the max render.

my only other crit would be to looks at the stock some... it jsut looks a bit...off.... i can't really tell what it is thoguh....

that na dthe barrel, and it will be a great model.
Very nice model. I was going to say it looked a lot like the HK G-36 before I finished reading your post.
I'm big on optomizing models, and from the wireframe I can see some faces you could remove by welding some vertices.

There are 2 lines of vertives on the scope that could be welded to the ends which are most noticeable.
Other than that it looks like you model is all 1 peice pretty much and should be seperate parts for animating.

But I think what happened in Max is that your smoothing groups got dinked around like max auto smoothed it or something.
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm pretty sure Wings3d averages the normals by using all the face normals regardless of the angle between faces when it exports to 3ds format.

As for seperate parts, right now the trigger, magazine and barrel are seperate objects from the main gun body. What should be seperate for animation? Thanks again.
anything that moves, slides on pistols, magazines, bolts, charging handles etc......
Did a bit of tweaking along with your guys suggestions(fixed the normals, added a little detail to the scope lense, new barrel). Here's how it currently looks along with a smaller, but quite mean lil brother, in commando configuration(with suppresser):



I'm pretty happy overall in how they turned out so far, I think I'll redo the stock on the commando version, looks a bit short, might try making it foldable as well.
Give the commando version a C-mag for a bit of variety :)
Originally posted by Murray_H
Give the commando version a C-mag for a bit of variety :)

Ya know I just might make a c mag for fun even if it doesn't end up in the mod for balance reasons.