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Hey all!

This is sorta my first attempt at a lowpoly char. Mainely doing this one for practice. And yes, she is supposed to be abit "stockey" or have female forms. :) I havent put any smoothing groups on yet and its about 2500 faces so far.
Any C&C are welcomed! So fire away! :sniper:


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Modeling the human form is one of the hardest things to model. The female body even more so than the male. What I did for Mine was to download some 3d scans of REAL Women. The polycount was super high and there was alot of realy wasted polys on hair (on top and down below).
So anyhow I imported the female model, divided it in half from the top of the skull to crotch, and started deleting small sections and building My own new mesh in place of the old one. I made some adjustments from the one I DL'd. I think she's a bit taller and the breasts are a bit different, as well as the face. But the overall shape is very close, but I didnt end up using any of the old polygons.

I've also looked into creating human models in Poser and importing them into MAX. Its a real easy to make several unique looking people, but they all fit onto the same skeleton and animations. I havent done this YET but its looking possible and easy!
The human body is no easy task no. As you said, one way is to build it up around a high poly, at least you will get all the proportions correct. Another way is to create a generic model, and just apply some changes to that to get different characters. Personally I like to build them from scratch, giving them my little personal touch :)

Oh, and i dont know how it is in the lowpoly comunity.. but where i come from, poser is like swearing in church ;)

Thought I would show a wire picture as well, easier to give C&C.


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nice job, espc for your first attempt :cheese:

Narc-Gaming could do with a Character Modeller for their Mod Operation Everlasting Shadow: LINK

If your interested PM me or Badger or Sniper... one of us :cheese:
Thanks righteOus! :)

Stone: I've sent you a pm, thanks by the way :)

I've started to think of what kind of gun she sould have.. must be something cool and powerful.. I'll have to browse the net for ideas :) Also done some minor adjustments to the model, her head is now abit smaller. I'll post a update soon
looking nice. the proportions are a bit off.. I think the head is to big.. she looks a bit chibi.
thats an amazing model, but a few things to watch for. i think that the head is a little large, even with that hat on, and her legs seem a little thick, all the way down. The top is good, but they stay a bit too thick at the bottom. this might b wrong, but u cant really c without a front and side view *hint hint*
Oh, and i dont know how it is in the lowpoly comunity.. but where i come from, poser is like swearing in church

Ya, I figured most hard core modelers would never be cought dead using poser. And I havent converted any poser models yet, but was just looking into it, as a way of creating great numbers of different looking characters that all fit on the same frame. My take on it is that Poser isnt "MODELING" its more like playing with Barbies.
Thanks for all the C&C so far!
Evil: Yes, many has commented on that her head is to big so I have changed that now :)

random.hero: I'll look into those legs, you might be right.. but she is supposed to be abit chibi as Evil put it.. not this standard tall legged fantasy babe. I'll see if it works with abit thinner legs though :)

Punisher454: good to hear ;) You could probably use it the way you think of though. but to me those models wouldnt really be mine, just a copy..
oh yeah, the small update :)
head and legs fixed + minor adjustments here and there.. and front and side views
Punisher454: good to hear You could probably use it the way you think of though. but to me those models wouldnt really be mine, just a copy..

I hear ya on that, using a plain poser model would definatly not be true modeling, but a copy of somebody elses model. While I was investigating this process (and it is possible I believe) I wrestled with the ethics and honor of using that process. I still havent come to a firm conclusion on what I think about doing that. Would it give your mod fantastic looking characters? Yes. Its a means to an end, but is it the right way to go? Probably Not.

But anyhow, back to where I started with My commentary on low poly modeling of the female form. Its a simple matter to get all the proportions right by getting an anatomicly correct model, and using it to get your proportions correct. You dont actuly use the real life model as your own, just measure off it.

About your model, I 'm not real sure what sort of helmet she is wearing, but like the others I think shes a bit big headded.

looks like a good start though. Whats your target as far as triangle count (I ususaly use the term "polys",but alot of people seem to like to count in 4 sided polys and not 3, like the game engine does)?
I read that a headcrab's highLOD model is around 3000, and special characters like Alyx run around 7500 for the high LOD. 2500 triangles is kinda low for a human character in HL2.
Just looked at the updated version, she's been to Balley's.
Big improvment. What are you modeling in?
Thanks for the reply Punisher454!

Yes, I agree with you on the poser issue.. its a fast way to get good looking models.. but one can usually tell its poser, at least if you dont do much about it. Dont know how it would be in a game though, and I havent looked at the newer poser either, last time I tried it it was version 4 :)

But I remeber seeing new people posting humans that they claimed to have modeled, but stinked of poser.. and when you confronted them they usually didnt answer. Poser has its uses, no doubt.. but just not for me :)

References are always important alright, for this one I used several different ones, so it might look abit off because of that.. the body is now 6.5 heads, I think i remember something about that being pretty right.. at least for a normal woman. Please correct me if Im wrong :)

I dont know what polycount I will go for yet, maybe 3000 + weapons as a max.. oh, and the program im using is 3dsmax.
the body is now 6.5 heads, I think i remember something about that being pretty right.. at least for a normal woman. Please correct me if Im wrong

I was at a website a while back (cant remember the name now) That had alot of info about the correct proportions of the human body. Things like how long the arms should be in relation to the torso, number of heads high, and so on. It was good and informative. IIRC the number of heads high thing changes according to how tall you want them to be, the head stays the same size for a short person or a tall one.
Punisher, If you remember what that site, is post it...
could be really usefull for people :cheese:
Here's a good tutorial for modeling bodies. I'm sure there's lots more out there as well.


Here's my result of loosly following the tutorial:


Then I realized I'm a programmer not a artist... wtf am I doing! ;)

But any way, tutorial is pretty good, the main thing I took away was using cylinder primitives for the torso etc instead of cubes.
add a shell and it could be a teenage mutant ninkja turtle :p

pritty good seings as your a programmer :p
Well I'm mostly a programmer. I'm actually a jack of all trades, good at many things, master of none. Cept maybe programming ;).

Here's a head I did, the screen shot is from a object viewer I made for the engine I was/am programming. The engine takes plugable FX files for how to render stuff. In this shot I used HL type lighting with toon-ish outline.


Inspiration is Marv from Sincity(comic book).

Oh and here's another tutorial, this one female... is 140 pages long!

I cant find the one I was talking about, but here are a few links that have some useful things.






This one has good reference material and alot of hands, feet and such.

This one is a tutorial on making a girl with and without clothes in Max.

these are just a few I have found, Theres tons more. Also check this site:

Now what I need to do is go real all these Myself :)
Thanks for the links Punisher and Grey :thumbs:
Im gonna start checking them out in the slow hours at work!