WLTT, a new hl2 mod



hey guyz just here to announce my hl2 mod.

The mod is called What Lies Through Time, or WLTT for short and was originally being developed for the HL1 engine, until HL2 was announced, and i decided to stop working on it. Now i have decided to bring it back exclusively for the HL2 engine because of the huge amount of new features it boasts. Now the mod will boast a completely rewritten storyline to accommodate
the powerfull new engine, along with vast, highly detailed outdoor areas, including indoor areas as well, not previously possible on the HL1 engine.

The AI will make a big significance in What Lies Through Time because this time it can calculate what to do in a situation, so there will be many ways for the AI to get you. This also means that there will be multiple ways to do things. e.g. in HL2 at the moment, you can take cover in building etc, or find different ways around things, and i hope to use this in my mod.

The basic Concept (and please remember this is basic, i could write the whole stroy down but i dont have time :eek:) of What Lies Through time is that you take up the role of an ex-sas soldier, now retired due to health reasons. you are forced
out of retirement when you hear something about hundreds of sightings of weird alien like creatures coming from no where. you don't belive it at first, until you travel out to visit relatives one day and are attacked by these weird creatures. miraculously you make it back alive.

You are then quickly picked up and drafted by none other than the G-man, because of your excellent evasive skills and firearms training. but he only tells you that these creatures must be killed, and nothing else about them, that is up to you to find out as you progress.

Instead of being based in just one area, What Lies Through Time will go through a host of different locations. a few of these include: a small town, split into sections. a military base and a top secret research facilty.

If any one is interested in working on the team with me then please contact email me at [email protected] or contact me on msn at the same address.

I will have a website dedicated to the mod up soon, as i am currently putting the finishing touches to it.
Id wait for the game to come out first before you make alot of plans.
my plans on the AI and higly detailed areas are based on the graphical technology of the new hl2 engine and the AI in it that valve have takled about in many many articles, of which i have read. If anything changes in HL2 then i will change the mod to go with the engine.
Any way did u like the story, im also thinking of including drivable vehicles, which coincidently have just been reveald for hl2.

lets mow them aliens down! :naughty:
Story sounds good the the Ex-Sas makes it sound kinda chessy in my opinion, Throw in a small pinch of comedy and id play it :p
yeah dude at the moment your just selling you totally havent layed anything down ...like every single mod yet they are all just dreaming ...stop ....write your story lines ...write your scripts and wait untill more stuff is confirmed cause untill then you cant do a damn thing
oh ive written the storyline, just got the script to do, and plenty of time to do it. i was thinking of adding humour into it. he could be an ex-sas guy with a good sense of humour :afro:

in terms of "selling" yes i would admite to that, i guess you need to sell your mod to get people interested. i am selling of what the mod "could/should" include from what ive seen of the hl2 engine, and what it can do.
WILL SOMEONE PLEASE RECOGNISE MY MOD! no one seems to know it even exists! its been announced for weeks now :flame:
ok full story now, im hoping its the final version, but who knows it might change between now and september 30th:

You take up the role of an ex-sas soldier, John smith to be precise, an ex-sas soldier with attiude, as well as humour. you had to retire early due to an accident whch left you unable to do your job for quite sometime, so you were hastilly forced out of the military under "Health Reasons".

John Smith:
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Job: Ex-sas soldier
Current Status: Retired

You are suddenly forced out of retirement when you hear something about hundreds of sightings of weird alien like creatures coming from no where and taking over places. You don't belive it at first, thinking its just a massive hoax by a group of people, being that it is Halloween. Until you decide to go out one day and visit nearby family. Something doesnt seem right at all today, no one is about, the streets and roads are empty. you think to yourself "hmm odd, there should be traffic packed roads, and hoards of pedestrians lining the streets, it is afterall a saturday". You put it down to being some sort of event going on that you havent heard about and carry on walking. walking that is until you get a few streets up. you then stop and look at what appears to be several overturned cars burning out of control. you look around you, all of the buildings are crumbling and in pieces. you pause for a moment to think to yourself again "i...it... it can't be true, there can't seriously be aliens invading out town" before you get to think any more 3 antlions approach you from one side. Your immediate reaction is a shout and thenn you instantly run for the weapons store to protect yourself. the antlions catch up with you and you manage to kill them, before running homw and barracading the doors and windows so your safe. You just lay there listening to patrol hover drones circling the house until the disperse.

Later that day you recive a mysterious phone call, someone claiming that they can "help you" you are instructed to look out of the window then proceed out side and get in the chopper as quickly as possible. you hasitlly agree and do what the man says. you are then transported to a giant corperation type building that hasnt long been completed. you are immediatly told to go to the top floor, and you do so. You walk into the room and are confronted by the man who spoke to you on the phone. it is none other than the G-man. He tells you that he wants you to work for him because of your amazing evasive skills, and your firearms skills, due to previous work as an sas soldier. He only tells you that they must be killed, and nothing else. You want to know where the aliens came from so you ask and the G-man replys "all will be revealed soon, maybe even sooner than you think John" with that he leaves the room and so you then leave as well being directed to a room with a small team of men doing strategic planning. you are told that your first call is at the disused Military Base and so you set off there.

You want to know what these aliens are and how they managed to get here, along with who on earth this G-man guy is and what he has to do with all of this, but because no one will tell you you must find out yourself as you travel to each of your ordered areas.
its a bit cliched and cheezy, but then again so was HL's plot, what it was good at was the telling of the tale. could be gd , or all go horribly wrong....
souns pretty good to me...but could be neat if you did your own models and stuff like this....but sounds prety neat ;)
Hate to nit-pick, but being an Ex-SAS member isnt exactly a job...

Another thing, where is this set? I would say Britan (seeing as he's Ex-SAS and all), but you talk about a weapons store.....
oops forgot to write that, yea your an ex-sas member now living in america. yea i did muck up the job bit, it should of been

details details!!

we actually used real linux hack reports in the storyline of Operation Everlasting Shadow, lol, check out our thread for the lastest news