Work in Progress Wallpaper



I've been modifying my Trust Me wallpaper and I've come up with this so far. Any comments or suggestions?
mmm suggestions :)
first of all do something about g-man...on the edges...he's all choppy ;)
the hl2 logo shold be changed... also very edgy....
the txt should be changed...try and move it to the right bottom..and smaller, and some layer styles...hope thats something to work with :)
It's only choppy on the G-Man on his shoulder, since I tried to Magic Wand it out but it'd select the arm a little below the shoulder and into his mid-ribs, so I tried to Polygonal Lasso it out. Other than that, it's directly from the screenshot of the HL/HL2 model comparison shot. The HL2 logo was my fault, I increased the size by 150%(multiplying the pixels by 1.5 for you mathematicians), and in my last screenshot you couldn't really pick it out that well.

I'm also thinking of changing the text to one of his newer quotes or removing it altogether. Maybe "Isn't this just like old times?"
Does anyone have a high res picture of Barney to use? Preferably the one where he's got his back against the wall.
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Originally posted by \\-shanE
Hey, it's not very nice to rip off my logo without asking me first...

what logo ? :s
Originally posted by EVIL
dah logo in dah back mazzle

thats just not right tbh :/ he cant clame the valve logo to be his..and yes maybe he remade it but still :s anyway if he really doesnt allow it message me and I will redo it :cheese:
I don't like the combination G-man <> Background. Mybe U have to make another background. Also, it just looks like layers over eachother. The font also doesn't fit in the whole thing.
Just my 2 cents. Keep on trying anyway, your doing a good job! :bounce:

Heyyyyyyyy time to choose (if you add 'it's' to the front) was the catchphrase for my wallpaper.....expect a call from my lawyer
Im at school but....

I dont have a direct link to my wallpaper. But go to ClanKros and il post my wallpaper later today. If you cant wait go to Themexp and search for lilly and you will find my wallpaper called "LillyEclipse16001200" Its mine so enjoy :).