XSI and NooBs



Just been on XSI and havent got any hair left ( Yanked it out) Frustration cos i dont realy know what im dooing, BUT im not giveing up no bloody way.
What ive been thinking is all the NooBs and Vets amoungst us Can we get to gether on lets say an IRC chan and disscus possible ways to help eachother out and swap Very basic ideas on this great but very hard Program XSI.

Quakenet #XSI

Suppose what we need is a fiew very basic weapon modle tutorials/How to for you more experienced guys that know the ropes and have been were us NooBs are right now.:)
maybe noobs should start with milkshape 3D exect such a fancy leet program called XSI.... you don't need all that special options on it...
milkshape 3d made it harder for me to cross over to a more fancier 3d modeling package (3d max).
3D max ...
the reason why i got the XSI prog was because in part it was a free thing to download
i also downloaded GMaX but wasnt sure realy what that was.?
is it a part program of 3D MAX.?
not %100 sure to be honest.
G-max is like a free trial 3dsmax program, that is meant to be specifically designed for Gaming (pfft), the only real reasons to download would be, to try and see if you like 3dsmax or to use it to use on games that only supposrt G-max as modelling tools :flame: