You gotta try Toca: Race Driver online


May 17, 2003
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You may have noticed the online demo going around, and boy does it rock, to be honest its my first experience with an online racing game, its simply amazing.

Nothing like going the wrong way around the track smashing into people because they caused you the #1, tyers, glass, body kit, everythin just flying around the place, oh and watching a n00b racing without knowing there is any brakes in the game :/ is simply halarious!!

get it from, or
I will doanload it when i have my new system ready. I want to experience the great game (IYO) in full DX9 power :d
hey simmo2k3, whats your nick? Im downloading right now:cheese:
Are there alot of servers? How many people per race? Sorry, I'm too lazy to look :dozey:
theres about 20 servers! lol, and the max amount of people racing on a server is 12, and the net code seems ok :D
HELP!!! I've dl'd the installer, but the installer freezes about 5 seconds after opening. Any idea what's wrong?
On the second lap I see large portions of my car lying on the road ... :(
The Installer froze for me too, so I just left it for a while, it worked :)
man.. I want to play this mgame.. ARGH gdmmit.. why takes it so long before I get my order off pc parts deliverd to my house :/