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  • When I was 11 I joined a forum with most members around 15-30, got hated by older members and eventually got banned.

    it's hard to make good posts on a forum with much older members as a 10-year old, so my advice is to seek another forum with younger members and you'll likely get accepted there :)
    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I must point out though that this forum is frequented by people that have a syndrome called "noob hate" and "youth hate". But there are good people here too. Like barbarbarbar, who caused quite a stir here with his staying here. And Dabomb29. Anyways, good luck!
    Yo Gman. The first few days are rough for everyone. It's sad, but true. You love HL2 as much as I do, and I'd hate to see a fellow HL-lover turn-tail away from this community. Just be very careful.

    Also, a lot of guys here are picky about the way people type their messages. Using as correct of grammar as possible (such as limiting your use of !'s and ?'s to ONE only, unless you're being funny) will instantly raise your respect points by +20. To them, anyway. I don't really mind.
    I want to give you a couple of tips. I don't want to see you get harassed by some of the older members, and eventually get banned. Follow what I say, and you'll thank me later.

    1. Use the search button. Most of the threads you've made have already been discussed before, and will likely get locked by a moderator when one comes online. If you use the search button, you'll find almost everything you need.

    2. Don't make too many threads. I see you have a ton of threads in the Half-Life Series section. Take your time in making threads. Remember, quality is better than quantity. If your threads lack quality, the other members are going to notice this and flame you, so watch out.

    That's all I have for right now. Remember, think before you post.

    Have a good day, :)
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