Nov 28, 2019
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hey guys this year owns amirite???

Hey Raz nice to see you check in i hope you're doing super well!

Unfortunately some time ago some real stupid people got in charge of the internet side of things here which is why its hard to even find this site now. I'm not talking about the couple of dudes who have held this place up for a million years tho.

cherry so are you willie or what? cuz you sure do seem like a willie to me and if not who are you
no. but me and willie chat on discord. through valvetime. us two seem to be active. only i'm active at night
and i am a user who joined here in 2019. at 16 years old. i'm 19 now. currently studying at UCSD but i might drop out of my 4 year tution to join the millitary. and be a mechanic. since i like cars. or apply for a CDL at truck driving school.

*it's so lonely here i say random shit here at night. or talk to myself on my profile*
same for the valvetime discord (here's the link for it. https://discord.gg/FVzu9zHcjW (i boosted the server on valvetime discord with nitro. thank me later :) ok ty)

why can't this site be active as it was from 2008-2009 yet back then i was a small child.