A Little help? (about programming)

May 15, 2003
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Well I'm a relativly newbie coder... my only experience of languages is C++ with the old HL engine.. I could do little things in that.... my experience was basically: 'does it work' 'no' 'ok, try again' until i got it right. I was familiar with the SDK, but this summer i decided to learn C++ properly. After neitzsche (sorry if ive spelt it wrong :p) posted the url to Thinking In C++ i thought I could do it.... but I started reading and it says you will need prior experience with a programming language. Can anybody recommend a good downloadable book or resource (I don't have internet acess on the pc with MSVC++) that i could use to learn the language?

Please note I don't want to pigeonhole myself just yet, so I don't want things only related to games and other things... just a working knowledge of the language

(also this is a serious thread, so don't spam post please)