About Combine Soldiers and green blood



With all the speculation about the humanity (or lack thereof) of the combine soldiers, I thought I might point out an alternative possibility:
Games featuring blood or gore that is believably human are illegal in Germany. It MIGHT be possible that the blood is temporarily green prior to US localization versus code intended for the international market.

This is probably not the case but I thought I might just point it out.
i thought someone cleared this up and said they went back and actually saw red blood. anywho wut the german government doesnt know wont hurt em.:cheers:
There'll most likely be a blood mod/patch for the German version of HL2, it's inevitable.
Oh, I just thought that all games containing blood were banned from Germany. Thanks for clearing that up.
Germany sucks because of the ban list, remove the ban list and Germany's cool again. Riddle me this, just what the hell does blood have to do with anything to be banned? Is breaking the skin also against German law?
the yellow blood are placholders. they will have red blood in the final.. because if you look at the scanner fleying thingy scene - no4 i think - when he kills his third combine.. you cans see blood and that blood is red.
Yeah.. It really looks like the "old" blood from the Zombies from HL1...
wow. Germany keeps thier stuff up huh? I played a game called Earth2140 suppose to made by a company in Germany called Topware. Man there are lots of blood in that game.
I'm pretty sure that much we've seen in the Movies released so far is place holder material... notice that the Combine Soldiers are also actually using the old HL1 sounds for the zombies...as well as some of the blood spatter is just the same as in HL1...

hmmm can't see why people are so concerned with with the crowbar...the only thing that seems off to me is how he swings it...doesn't seem like he puts any power into it whatsoever...more like he kind of prods his opponents with it...

*edit* just forgot to point out that it was the old zombie sounds they have...
Their blood is very clearly red in a number of places in the 519MB movie. The look human, they have red blood and at least one of them speaks clear english. On the other hand the guy presenting the movie says "...at the center of the alien Combine" at 19:34.
English?. I havnt heard one combine soldier speak english. where?
how about the guy who gets impaled by that blue thing?
hhmm.. he said something that I cant understand with an wierd voice. (like those things that people who cant speak hold against ther thoath sounds) and then he screams because the hydra impaled him.
Yeah, the guy who gets impaled by that blue thing, who says "hold it there". Perhaps I went overboard when I said clear english.
Originally posted by nietzsche
2ltben, i can riddle u sumthin': the display of red blood is not enough for a game to get banned. It's the glorification of violence, the propagation of racism, insulting certain religions and people of minorities... This is similar to why you get banned on boards. I suggest you research german law on the web somewhere before posting any premature opinions. The law is to prevent the youth from degenerating into menaces of society. The idea of having an institution that watches over media is a good idea IMHO, but i feel it sometimes goes overboard. First and foremost it shouldn't be at the expense of my freedom as an adult.

My 2 cents...
i'll buy it:frog:
Most of the scenes with soldier are pretty bloodless. The only scene that had significant blood is when the beams wings and hit the soldiers... the wall gets splatterred with red blood. The zombie definitely have red blood (when cut in half it is red), but hitting the crab is yellow/green.
To clear up the crowbar thingy, i also felt it didnt look right because when he hits those boards it doesnt even look like he mkaes contact with them and i was concerned until i read something i think it was on Planet Half Life but i am not sure but lots of people were also concerned the crowbar didnt look right and Gabe sent an email sying it was just implemented for the show and that is why it wasnt finished yet and why it looked wierd. I will see if i can find that article.
Also if you listen carefully in the traps scene, when the bar swings down the combine that's left screeches "man down" in a weird zombie voice.
I think your immagination goes mad when you think they actually spoken something english. I only heard some wierd language in a very cool voice. No english words.
yeah and when you boot your pc and windows loads you here bill gates say "buy microsoft thingys and unix is work off the devil" atleast I do :eek:
I think that they havent really started with the blood yet... It really looks like the old HL1 blood from the zombies, dont U think ??
I like having lots of blood and gibs, hope there is a console command for it :) Red green it doesnt matter, you can cchange the color i bet.
Originally posted by EVIL
I think your immagination goes mad when you think they actually spoken something english. I only heard some wierd language in a very cool voice. No english words.

You were probably watching a cam'd copy then. The whole video echoes in this sound-in-pickle-jar way that distorts everything. The Gamespy is crystal clear and the Combine soldier are speaking english through a comm. Sounds just like the way Stormtroopers sounded inthe original Star Wars.

However, this does not preclude certain people from hearing a variety of other voices...which the rest of us do not.