May 24, 2003
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Guys, check HL2 general forum sometimes. I can’t even find a post without someone bitching in it. Amazing… You guys need to lock topics and ban people. For example THUGENSTEIN, he doesn’t post anything related to HL2 without trolling and starting flame wars. Do something, it would be truly sad to see this forum turning into another gamespot , with people like this : “IM SO ALIET AND U R AL STUPID11!!!!!! OMG WTF LOL OMG I NEVER SE SO MANY STUPID 2PICS111!!!1 WTF LOL“
Yeah I agree, I know I keep saying this but its all about the post count IMO
Help us out by reporting posts :) That way we get topics closed and people banned faster.
I don't know whether it had anything to do with this, but I sent a private message to an admin, telling him about it, but i'm glad someone like THUGENSTEIN is banned. All he ever did was bitch and bitch, making useless comments and use childish insults.
Guess who is back? Amazing, where these idiots come from...
Looks like all his posts have been deleted, hahah.
Have you noticed that hes just re registered ?, or is this old news ? or am I wrong ? lol