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May 24, 2003
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Uh, damn, I guess Valve went crazy with interviews and press :)

Anyway, here is a link Trepid Interview

I didn't find any new information at all, but here some questions\answers about demo:

Should we expect to see a playable Half-Life 2 demo prior to its release?
Gabe: No.
i didn't quite follow the whole ramblings about extra terrestrial video games, but the rest seems pretty interesting
Too many interviews seem to ask either the same questions or ones that cannot possibly get any new info. To be fair this one tryed to draw him out about multiplayer even the if it was TF2 (which you notice he didn't say either way). However, I would rather someone ask if we will be limited in the number of weapons we can cary rather then yet another "what's your favorite ________ ?" type question.

The multiplayer aspect of Half-Life 2 has been kept tightly under wraps, and left most people to guessing. Some people think it may be the classic Half-Life Deathmatch style of gameplay, others think it could even be Team Fortress 2, and others say it will be something we haven't seen or even heard of before now. You might not want to give out any information on the multiplayer aspect of Half-Life 2, but I can tell you that we really want to receive information on it. Could you give us a few details about it?

Not yet.

#$%@ :flame:
mr reak, your the most valued person here because you bring us new news before its anywhere else like the popular sites planethalflife or shacknews. Thank ya very much buddy...
Are there any un-fostered ideas that failed to make their way into Half-Life 2 that you can divulge to us?

I'm still looking to get the team to put moss in.

moss :?
Originally posted by tokin
you dont know what moss is? LOL

Hehe, we call it 'moha' in Hungary (You know, M.O.H:A.A., ha-ha)

You Hungarians are very funny!!

I need to satiate my cravings, the old screens just ain't doin' it for me anymore...:-{
Will the multiplayer side of things still be under a thirty-two player limit?
That's really a design decision at this point more than a technical limitation. <--- sweet
maby 2 or 3 high reso screenshots took from the latest build (without revealing new enemy's)

and a bunch of concept art.. I love concept art.