anyone noticed the Unreal2 mocking?

May 22, 2003
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at the end of the 600mb video...

I can't help to think that the HL2 teams is mocking Unreal2...notice how the end with the glowing thingie things, looks very similar to the the Logo-intro-thingie in Unreal2...

which I personally think was a bit overdone to show of the Unreal2 engine...

SHUSH SON, valve does their own shit....IN YOUR EYE!
I'd actually say the Unreal 2 logo was a rip-off of HL.

But think about this mocking, so many things of U2 was promised but never materialised. Valve have promised much more and have got it running.

And Unreal 2 sucked anyway.
I wonder if there will be any other mocking stuff like this...

maybe that dude from Unreal2 impaled on a stake or stuck in a micro-wave-oven?

I always enjoy it when they make easter eggs lika that...

Blood had the best of those easter-eggs...

"I've got time to play with you!" & "Shake it baby!"
Originally posted by Rossell
I'd actually say the Unreal 2 logo was a rip-off of HL.

And Unreal 2 sucked anyway.

hows that???

and yes..Unreal2 did kind of suck...but maybe it was because I was playing with my gforce2mx400...

that did make it kind of hard to enjoy with a stuttering 8fps half the game thru...(think I managed to get 15fps staring into the ground
a little off the rail... but I definitly think that Doom3 should make a mock at Duke Nukem(forever) payback time!
Unreal 2 was such big disappointment, very bad sequel to the great game. Good example how developers focus too much on graphics and zero on gameplay. I hope Id will not make the same mistake with Doom 3.

By the way, how is Unreal 2 logo is HL rip off? Doesn’t look same to me at all.
I'm not saying that it is a rip-off just that if there was ever a rip-off intended it would be on Unreals part. The main reason Prince may think this is because of the redesigned Unreals circular nature.

And Prince, I recommend you not only get a new graphics card but take the game back and get a refund. Don't woryr - you weren't missing much :)

One last word on Doom III. The only ID game I've ever liked was Quake 2 and Doom III is looking like a case of graphics over gameplay with no real mention on how the game handles. Hopefully Quake 4 and Elite Force 2, handled by Raven and Ritual respectively will be the perfect companions to Half-Life 2. Unreal needs a total redesign.
I didn't say it was a rip off...

I just said that the flashy-ending of the HL2 vid...seemed to me to be the HL2 team poking fun at Unreal2's intro(which was meant to show off the graphic abilities...and now HL2 can do the same)
Graphics are what sell. Much harder to market gameplay. What attracts your attention on a box: State of the art graphics engine, superior physics, lifelike world. or...Really good story and gameplay, very fun. I mean, face it, if U2 came out w/ mediocre graphics, but amazing gameplay, it would get criticised far more than it does now.
Graphics, I'd say, are a close second in their influence in sales. Of course, hype takes first place. I mean, hell, look at Enter the Matrix. Dear god, I bought that game, and I regret it. I traded it back in in a week, because I beat the whole damn game that fast. It was such a mediocore game, and yet it sold over a million copies in a week. That's downright amazing. Hell, that's unheard of. Unfortunately, that gives a message to other game developers: marketing's more important than the game itself. Let's hope it doesn't catch on.

In contrast with your thoughts, I didn't really like Quake2 when compared with Q1, Doom & Wolfenstien 3D. All of the previous Id games were leaps forward in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Quake2 was graphically similar to Q1 (but with less style in my opinion) but with annoying fetch key for box get this take to there gameplay.

It is interesting that, by creating a game with really really good graphics it is realy difficult for the gameplay to catch up, resulting in a game with gameplay over graphics.

On the same note, given the same game would you rather play it in software mode at 320x200 or OpenGL at 1600x1200 in 32 bit colour. The OpenGL version would have better graphics than gameplay, but the software version wouldn't.
ETM was horrible. Not to mention I barely got 20 FPS on my system. Graphics were not that great, and yet, it choked. I can run Max Payne w/ 50FPS, and that game looks better too. Silly product tie-in. Only reason I bought it was because of the PC Gamer article.
vert where u from?

that's some crazy refund policies you've got where you live....unless you told them it was broke...

where I live you I'm pretty sure you can trade back games because you don't like them...there has to be some error in the software or the like...

crazy shit mofo...