Artist availible for your mod



Hey, I just thought I'd post that I'm interested in helping on a MOD. Ill post a few of my sketches so you can get a feel of what to expect. I'm also into modeling, so I may be able to assist there as well, though I'm really still in a learnign process as far as workflow is concerned.

Here are a few pieces of work.





Im interested in helping in the area of concept and providing modelers witch shetches if needed. Post a little about your MOD and a link if you have it, and a way to contact you. Ill write you if I feel Id enjoy working with your idea.

Thanks for readin
We'd like somebody for help on the "28 Days Later" single player/multiplayer mod. The concept art would mostly be for the single player portion of the web-page and maybe the splash image if you are interested. Topic for the mod is in general editing, called "Idea-"

Thanks in advance.
Hello. I am -FP-, founder of the Libetaion of Seoul mod. Could you please give me a way to contact you, short term? If you want to contact me, you can:
ICQ: 153065319
AIM: slypieee

-FP- LoS
Hey, ur work looks real good and original! and ur a modeller too is a very good added bonus. if u'd be interested in working with my team well here is some info. I hope ur interested cuz u have some talent! thanks for ur time.

Name: Domestic Dispute
Classes: Gangs/Police/Robbers cars!!! :cheers:
Setting: Trinity City / 2004

site: <<< updated soon

my AIM: stuarthannig
mt MSN: [email protected]
my email: [email protected]
Thanks for all the replies, I havent contacted anyone yet, so Im going to take a look at the ideas and let you know soon. Again I appreciate the replies
Your maybe the guy im looking for right now. We writing the storyline now, and we should need someone to make some sketches so everyone knows how it will be.

A little short about the mod:

Sector7 is a storydriven (ingame dialogs, no takes you away from the game), sci-fi, coop mod.

I dont have the full script done yet but i have a basic that you can take a look at if you want.

The mod will be a schoolproject (for the digital prodution programe) so we get grades from this so we try to make it so good we can. The main work will begin in August.

Some contact info:

Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 113788984
MSN: [email protected]

Im a op in the channel on quakenet, you can find me there too.

Feel free to contact me in anyway.

the mod: Operation Everlasting Shadow , LINK,could do with a Concept artist... to improve on my attempts :p

the information on the mod is on the link above, and I'm sure the rest of the team would enjoy your help...