May 14, 2003
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Will valve once again capture us for days on end again, as with the previous half-life?
I do not want people to hype this game up to much, so when it gets here its not as good as expected (cough daiktania).
I`m pretty sure that HL2 will be amazing because I am impressed by what I have heard about the physics in the game
I think it'll be cool. There are a lot of locations in the game from what I've read. I forgot the names of most, but what I do remember is the jail. Refresh my memory on the other locations. There should be like an underground network of sewers or somethin'.
The only game I play is half life and the mods(cept CS i hate it!)..No other game I have tried has that feeling the hl1 engine has. I hope HL2 can carry the same engine feel that the first one did .
Oh the environment. I also noticed that no other game seems to have that "half-life" feel, other than Quake (obviously). The new games seem to have weird views and gravity and interfaces. I guess I'm just too used to original HL. I'm pretty sure VALVe will keep that feel.

I know what you mean about the half-life feel thing it had a really great kind of tense atmosphere that really made you want to play it.
Yeah. UT and others seem to have this, (I dunno if you know what I mean), plasticy, polished, glazed over feel. It moved a bit too fast. But I guess that's what DM games are made for.
i also like the graphics better in HL than all these games are supposedly have better graphics
OH! the main thing...

It seems the more realistic games get..the more darker they get..this is the main thing i dont like about them. Everything in HL is alot brighter.
Half Life ones engine made things to obvious, like what was goign to happen to a scientist, the scripts. They should make it so when you see a scientist in a room, he is running away fromt he alien, so the alein actually tries to catch him like he tries to get you. Then you could open the door and own him with your crowbar, only to then relize the guy you saved can give you health or something like that, meaning you did not HAVE to save him. I think it would be fun to watch him get eaten, if you didnt need him.. :eek: :E

I think there will be lots more of the parts of half-life that really got your attention scripted yes, but as said in magazines VALVe have tried to merge scripted and non-scripted scenes together so you cannot tell the difference.:borg:
as long as it looks cool, and get my attention, i give it a thumbz up ! :cheers: :cheers: :bounce: :bounce:
Originally posted by SilentKilla
as long as it looks cool, and get my attention, i give it a thumbz up ! :cheers: :cheers: :bounce: :bounce:
Amen to that!