Blender 3d


May 22, 2003
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dose anyone know how to use this program...its used for making renders, skins, and textures etc..mostly for modders and such.
i dont know this program but i want to learn it. if anyone knows how to use it thats kind enough to help that would be greatly appriciated
hmm, this seems no diferent from anyother 3D package, or is it just me, every 3d package has the facitilies, that i've seen in the those tutorials?!?
Blender 3d is a very hard to learn package. it works very wierd, but you can do almost anything with it that 3dmax and other highend 3d package can and it is free!!
3dmax is free ? omg!!, or are you talkin bout Blender ?
Everythings free, just depends where you get it ;)...
blender is hard as hell, and its not the big complex things that are hard, its finding out how to simple things such as adding paint,texture,and meshes.....god it wil take me forever.