Hi there!
I'm planning a Mod for HL2 wich should be like Clocktower. I think the HL2 AI is going to be really great for that. For everybody who doesn't know the original Clocktower: You are locked inside a building with a killer named Scissorman. He got a gigantic pair of scissors and is after you. The only way to survive is to run or to hide. Whatever you do, if you punch him, shoot at him, if you stab him, he'll always get up again. You got to try to find away out of the building..... So when the AI reacts on blocked ways like in the E3 video that should be fine. But I don't know how many people are out there who like that kind of game. So what do you think about the idea? Whould you work with me on this mod?
Do you have any modding experience? Or is this just a random idea in your head that you want to see come alive, build a mod team, but have no modding experience yourself?
like I said several times: alot of 16 year olds wants to make a cool fancy mod but don't know any C++, model or mapping experience :D :D
hmm, I noticed that this was his first (final?) post. Thanks for chasing away another possible future modder. Geeze, violent newb reaction...
You never no. he could have been the best 3d moddeler or anything like that, you gotta give people a chance d00d, unless the idea is a load of bull :)
Look look, here I am again. No I'm totally without experience. I started mapping one year ago (my teacher is Organic700, very good Counterstrike mapper/ working on his own mod), I did some skinning (I'm currently working on a NaziSymbols Mod for DayOfDefeat) and Im still learning hard with 3dStudio some Modeling skills. But youre right I never did something with C++ so i cant do it alone. Thnx for defending my honor here guys!
yer, thank fully...

hmm, why do people react so violently to people's first posts....

Hey if i joined today, instead of when i did, I'd probably never post again because of you guys... and I've had 5 years experience behind me... :eek:
The idea is really cool.
I like the run and hide thing, but I am not too fond of the clocktower idea itself.
Maybe if you expand the idea, and make it a bit like the movie predator, where you are hunted in the jungle, in a team that is.
Like a multiplayer-mod but no fighting going on.
The more that dies, the harder it gets to survive, since there are less victims for the predator, which makes the odds a lot higher that they will go after you.
Or every person that dies, spawn as an alien, and after a while there are 30 predators and one human.
Now this makes teamwork a lot more important.
Also, this mod would not need too much coding, as there are no guns (no the predator should not have that laserbeam).

The maps would need several ways to go, otherwise you can just learn the map and run...but so can the predators....hope you see what I meen with this, I'd love to see it somewhere.
Yeah, thats a pretty cool idea. I will give this one to a friend whos more experienced with multiplayer coding and mapping. I did more with Scripted sequences things and lightning and sound experiments. So I'm not so good in things like that. But maybe I find some people who like to work on that. Maybe I do some of the skinning stuff. But my personel aim is more a singleplayer-mod because theres more to do for me. Gee, Ill better get more into Hammer then into QuakeArmyKnife wich I use at the moment. But lets see what the SDK brings us in August....

that sounds like a great idea. it could actually be quite scary if you put together the right environment. Go for it. Doesn't matter if you have experience - this project will give you that.
The great run and hide is resident evil mod..cant remember the link..anyone ?
thats not how i view it. resident evil there are zombies and you have the ability to fight back with weapons. this is purely defense.
If it was based in a clocktower, you could have actual gears running the clock. Then there could be a puzzle-solving type deal with all the gears and whatnot.
Yes, the Clocktower is one of the settings. Thats a pretty good idea. Actually Im breaking my head about Riddles which are not just find keys and push buttons. The Original Clocktower was a point-and-click adventure so I need lots of ideas for good and tricky riddles.
Clocktower was a good game on the playstation and I could imagine seeing it on the Half Life 2 engine and its physics.Did you think about putting a Multiplayer/Cooperative and you can work like a team and beat the guy with the scissors?.Good Luck wit da mod!.
Yes, I like Coop games. But I'm pretty bad in multiplayer coding. So I'm not able to that. But maybe if the team grows and we find some good mp-coders I think about how it fits into the concept (because maps will have lots of scripted events wich will maybe dont work fine together in mp). Maybe well transfer the idea into another mod that friends will do (like the Predator-Mod idea on the first page). First we'll see what HL2 and the V-Source Engine brings, then do the single player. After that I'll take care of the idea again for further Versions.