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Firstoff, im new here so hello everyone! How are yall?

Secondly im sure you've all heard this question to death but here it is again. What language is all the coding in HL2 going to be in? I completly missed the boat with the OG HL, and didnt want to miss out with this one, seeing as how amazing its gonna be.

Any and all help is most appricated!


well, i believe general consensis is that it's C++ , maybe someone else could back me up on this...
Thats what i've heard... i htink it was in an interview a while back...
yep, see told you someone would back me up :p, thanks sidewinder
Heh heh, nice...

Thanks guys! That should help me out alot. A few of my friends and I are working of putting togther a shadow runner mod of some sort. Either way the code experience should be helpfull to real life as well.

Ive learned a bit of just C, how much of a difference is there in that and C++? (NooB question alert!)

Thanks again for the help!

There is, but all i cna pretty much tell you is the it has a "++" at the end. :)

nah i'm just playing, i know more than that, but not too much. my programming skills stick with QBASIC, VBASIC, and Ti-83BASIC

i htink it has to do with flexibility.
Kewl. I figured it was something like that, but I wasnt too sure. Either way im getting the SDK manual from EB when it comes out. THat should be a HUGE help for MOD makers.

yer, I think everyone is getting the MODDING book.... oh well, I'm definatly :p...It should be a great help to Modders new and old...

And on a random note: YAY for basic!

/me boots up C64 and starts to program in basic

YAY! :p
What sort of style do you think the book will be in? Like chapter 14 - so you want to make a plane? and then give you instructions on a basic flying model and then let you learn and beef it up at the same time?

I'm definately gonna get that book :D
Its the first book out about how to directly MOD a program engine...or at least the first one that Ive seen before.

If they dont make it the best Modders book EVER then there gonna have alot of crap coming there way.

Either way I'll be getting it. And im pretty sure that it'l be good.

::crosses fingers::


Right now im looking at my Breath of Fire 3 Prima guide and remembering how great it was, and seriously in depth for such a great game. Theres no way Primas gonna give second best for THIS game.
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No problem.
I stick up for my homies. :)

heh, sorry i just find that funny:dork:

also do u have info on the modding manual at EB, like a site... i'd love to know what it is
I poked around on Primas site and couldnt find anything. A brief google search revealed nothing as well. Earlier on last week I called EB and they didnt have any info either.

I did find a like to some cool 80's t-shirts though...

The difference between and C and C++ is simply a matter of being able to more and the fact that C++ is more complex.... C is a good foundation for C++... and I am learning them both... I'm getting reasonably confident with the basics of C :) (all thanks to someone from these forums :cheers: )
Hi, just wanted to chime in on the whole C vs C++ debate. The main difference between C and C++ is the idea of Object Oriented programming (OOP). In it's basic state OOP lets the programmer create more structured code with a large amount of resuability. So you could create an object that modelled the characteristics of a vehicles for example, and then reuse that object on different types of vehicles, passing it different values for the different vehicle types. Hmm, perhaps not the best example, but it'll do I guess. Hope that helped.
to elaborate on lsky:

C++ allows you to do some interesting things with OOP. for instance, you could a make a 'vehicle' class. from the 'vehicle' class, you could have several different kinds of derived objects. the derived objects would contain everything defined in the 'vehicle' class, plus some other special information.

say i have a 'flying vehicle' class that is derived from 'vehicle'. now 'flying vehicle' would contain variables it derived from 'vehicle', like 'accelaration', 'weight', etc... but have new variables too, perhaps 'wingspan' and 'altitude'.

fig. 1:

class vehicle
int weight;
int accelaration;
int max_speed;
bool engineactive;

class flying_vehicle: public vehicle
int wingspan;
int altitude;
int numofengines;

// i could also add classes like 'land vehicle'

class land_vehicle: public vehicle
int turnangle;
int numofwheels;

// i could even derive classes from land_vehicle

class nissan_maxima: public land_vehicle
nissan_maxima(): max_speed = 90, weight = 2500, numofwheels = 4 {}

etc, etc

tutorial post wheee
Nice example. I am a programmer who hasn't worked with the HL level dev stuff at all, so I got a question.

Does HL let you attach scripts to graphical objects or is it a just a central script for the level?