Im wondering what type of language will be used to code for instance the AI?

Will it use C++ as in the old engine, or a more simplistic one?
I sure hope so!

If it doesnt use C++ then Operation Everlasting Shadow will be quite screwed and ill b out of a job :S
Thats good news :cheers:

Btw, no offense, but how do you know for sure, synth? Or is it a qualified guess?
Dear lord, can you possibly conceive another language it might be in?
If course it will be C++,
let's hope the code is also well commented,
like the HL code. I loved it to work with it.
Haha, would be funny if Valve made an entirly new language formed out of the weird looking symbols on the Combine Uniforms :cheese:
I wonder if the core engine is coded in C or C++. Not that it affects us but it would be fun to know. I guess the HL one was coded in C since it used Quake as a foundation.
Everyone knows that Vavle are the first developers to make extensive use of Blitz 3d for all upcoming titles *snigger*
In the PC Gamer article it said that modding will be much easier...

Maybe, as it applies to coding, Valve may have created somewhat of a new 'language' that could be similar to what it is like with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. That would mean you wouldn't need to find a coder if you learn it yourself.

I have no idea what it will be, but it would be nice if it was that way. :afro:

if it uses visual c++(which I assume it will), any idea on what version will be supported by valve? This is real important as I'll probably have to purchase that version, I doubt hl2 was also written in visual c++ 5.0 ....
Did you actually have to compile your c++ code (scripted AI and such) with Visual C++ and THEN implement it into your HalfLife mod?
I bet that Valve will already include pre-defined functions for objects and entities already such that when you want to call upon a certain distinct rotuine, all you need to do is call that function.
Originally posted by mrBadger
Everyone knows that Vavle are the first developers to make extensive use of Blitz 3d for all upcoming titles *snigger*

That would be sweet :) ... but I just hope they don't make it too easy since then there would be a million mods and mostly crap .. It would be cool if you don't need to know c++ but a nice third generation language would be naais :p
LOL @ the Blitz3D thing...

First of all, it's more than bleeding likely going to be in C++. No crappy scripting language. Why? A scripting language would be too restrictive, it would severely limit the kinds of things people can do. They want people to do amazing things with this game, and it won't happen with some messed up custom scripting language.

Second of all, C++ is a language, the type of environment used is technically irrelevant, although they released the HL1 SDK with project files created by the MS Visual C++ 6.0 dev environment, that made things a lot easier, but there is no such thing as a "Visual C++ 6.0" language, its just an environment to program IN. These environments include a compiler, so you open their code in an environment (via project files) and edit the code in the environment, and use the environments compiler to compile the code. But the code is still C++. Once you've compiled the code into the proper files (example for HL1: client.dll) thats it.

Trust me when I say it would NOT be a good thing if they somehow excluded the use of C++ from a mod-making process that involved code changes. It would be really, really, really, REALLY bad. (and thus very unlikely)

It will be interesting to see what they do/use for scripted events though.

Kuros: There are probably at least some parts of the engine in C... I don't see why they wouldn't make it faster where they could.
An easy to use scripting language would certainly result in MORE mods... but one can only hope that the guys at Valve aren't looking for another 500 poorly made counterstrike clones. C++ is the way to go for originality.
There is nothing that C++ cannot do as fast or faster then? I realize that there isn't much you would do in C, but... I didn't know that! Interesting, I'll have to research what you mean by hints to the compiler, I hadn't heard of that. Is it called something specific? (So I can run a websearch? hehe)