Commodore 64 for sale (READ: next to nothing)


May 15, 2003
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I have an old C64 that i need to get rid off. It makes me cry to do this, but its taking up too much has the system, games, and 5.25 disk drive, a joystick, more 5.25 disks that you can use in a life time and i htink i have a few programming books lying around for it.

I'm asking for pretty much the cost of shipping and handleing to where ever you want. I'll start hte bidding at 2 US dollars + what ever shipping and handleing is. if you are interested, post in this thread, pm me, or e-mail me.

Does it run HL2? Because if it doesn't...:flame:

I have to say id like to buy it but i really wouldnt use it.
you can't get rid of your old C64 for friend, they are classic machines... ;(, I was brought up with my C64 and shall never part with it, it's like my child...

I'm sorry, that your selling it, and i'm sorry i can't buy it, because I've got 12 already :p (well the if i put all the bits i've got together i'd have 12 and random parts, because I've only kept one whole)...

anywho, anyone who likes classic arcade games, this is the machine for you, buy it! it's worth it :cheese:
My second computer was a C64. Commodore made awesome computers. I wrote a word processor and some simple games, like Yahtzee for the Commodore 128. Although Nostalgia only goes so far. I dont' have the room for the PCs I have nevermind another.
Come on, someone wants it! its only 2 dollars+s&h..... it'll proberly be under 10 dollars total....
ok, i'm cutting the price to jsut the shipping an handling. all you have to do to become the owner of the C64 is pay for the shipping an handling.