cool place you can go.

lol yea i was there today when someone pointed me to it in the halflife2 chat room..hold down space bar and the model goes nuts :eek:
i like the part on the demo(moive) where the kill shot or the last shot u hit em with that ends their life has the effect on them and they fall life less form there(ie hip shot and the torso shot where he went backwards and the really cool one where he fell from the high place(even though it was casue by bad ai by not reacting realisticly...but hopefully they will have that all ironed out)
btw thnx for the links.
did you guys read the link i posted? that havoc place is powering the engine of HL2!!
it is implemented in the source engine, it does not power the entire engine, just the physics. btw why are u so excited about that, its been evident for a while.
Because that shockwave demo is amazing. Well, not by flash standards, but if HL2 is indeed like that, then.. :cheese: