Counter and Effect - Looking for PR-guy etc..


Jun 11, 2003
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Cause and Effect - Looking for PR-guy etc..

I'm the webmaster on the mod Cause and Effect and we have just put our website up.
Maybe you would like to check it out?
As i said, we're looking for a PR-guy that can look up more members for the team.
In the present, all we lack is a programmer but we may have one onboard further on.

If you want to get in touch with me i'm online both on [email protected](MSN) and 99842511(ICQ).
Since i'm not the leader i will just redirect you.

Edit: And we're also looking for a good modeler. Our current is 14 and _could_ need some more experience ;)
Hmm. This thread doesn't say what your mod is about. Your FAQ refers me to the "About" section. The About section is "Under construction" and "coming soon".

Counterstrike clone? That's pretty much my best guess, seeing as I only have a title to go on.
the name of the mod seems to be Cause and effect...
Tainrgire: I know, the About is coming up REALLY soon.
But the mod is in quick draws: The movies "28 days later" but without the crazy monkeys ;)
Anybody interested of joining or support the team?
Tjenare zapher.

det var väl dig jag hjälpte angående en half-life-font häromveckan på sweclockers va?

så du har hittat hit nu. :)
Majestic XII: Hehe, mind your own business :p

henrik: Ja, kanske det du.. Heter du på swec då?
Why cant you be the PR guy zapher? BeaT Fl33t are spamming the dev chan all the time for a PR guy :)
Originally posted by zapher
henrik: Ja, kanske det du.. Heter du på swec då?

Där heter jag HenrikB ser du.

tycker du inte att du borde editera din första post där lite...
"Counter and Effect" heter väl modden ändå inte :)
I never saw the movie "28 days later".
Could someone sum up the story up for me?
Majestic XII: Naa, i'm not that good in finding ppl..
henrik: Tss, jag glömde :D

henrik: They infect monkeys with RAGE and then they go mad when they are released by some dudes and they go bezerk!
Stay on the "virus-thing" and exclude the mad monkeys... If you wantsome more backround-story you'll have to go see the movie or wait for the mod. 'Cause it's more fun if you don't know how it starts :D
Erhm can u guys speak normal english? It's a bit annoying for people from other countries... like me.

Wat zou jij zeggen als ik constant in het nederlands bezig ben?
Something with: What do i say ******* in netherlends *** :p
Sorry, but it was an internal thing..
internals things do not belong on public forums. PM the guy then.
or "het spijt me" :) (is that right?)
no more personal business.
The Merovingian comes to mind for some reason when I think of the words Cause and effect. Causality. Was this mod by any chance fired up when one was watching, The Matrix: Reloaded?
Stitch: No, it originated from "28 days later".

BTW: Just would like to announce that we got a q-net channel up!
#CauseAndEffect <--- Pop in if you like!
The only thing i could help out with is the site, but looks like you got that under control
Hehe, thx! I'll take that as a positive remark!
For the moment we're doing ok with the mod, but we need ppl.
Our modeler is now our PR-guy so we need a modeler :D