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May 19, 2003
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Anyways i played HL one but never beat it. I got to the last boss and got tired of trying to beat him so i gave up....i know oh well. Anyways so in HL2 you work for this guy? Is HL2 not releasing any information about the story and about G-man? Ive seen all of gamespots videos, the 500mb fileplanet one, and another one hosting from this site showing the G-man. So can someone give me some info about this g-man dude and TF2 also if you know anything or when we are suppose to start hearing stuff about it?
Yeah, could someone give a refresher on the Halflife story? Haven't played it in like 4 years :)
Well... to tell the truth... no one knows about the G-man. The game says nothing about him except he works for his "employers" and in Op4 he says he was once a great soldier/warrior if I remember right...
Gordon Freemen kills all of the bad guys. Then the G-man offers him a job.
what was the other namen for g-man again? They use to call him something else when half-life was just released...i remember..like suitman or something..
Like "the guy with the suit" he he he he... always called him the G-man ^_^
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the Gay man ??? I dont know :cheese: :cheese:

he does look somewhat.. anywayz.. all he does is retie his necktie :D
g-man = governament man as commented above without knowing i guess
i think he is very much inspired by the smoking man in the x-files.. when halflife was released, x-files was like the number one show everyone watched.. so probably valve put him in cause of that (since the story in halflife reminds of the plot in x-files.. aliens and conspiracies and stuff)
i never thought of that but i dont really like it either because i dont want to think of x-files(even thoughi loved the show) when i think of hl, g-man stood for the corporate guy in the field everyone wanted to know about and be assosiacted with, he was the one with the connections that could get in and out of anywhere, knowin all the answer to the secerets and questions in your mind. in a sense all knowing.

Edit: i hold him in very high estem among my gaming experiences.
yeah but isnt that exactly how the smoking man in x-files is?
atleast he was in the first couple of episodes
he stirkes me as a cancerious old man that happens to be at the top in the field, he didnt have that alwasy evading and gonig where u couldnt feel to him, he was just in the shadows smokin
perhaps.. but maybe you should think of the g-man as a bit younger version of the smoking man?..
well thats not right either..
but at the end, dont you think the gman sounds very much like the smoking man?.. i connected those two as soon as i heard the gman speak, and i think thats what valve was aiming at (although thier version of the gman is a bit different)
and, as i said, the smoking man in the early episodes was way more of an enigma then he was later in the show.. i mean at the beginning he was the guy in the shadows who knew everything and called all the shots
i sure as hell hope they werent aimin for a x-files smokin man...there are similarities and differencies and it plays better in my mind if i keep the two separte not only because its a game and a movie but because i need it in my head to be original or else i might loose interest or die :stare:
sure, you deal with it your way ;)
i was just making a point

and if you try to remember how the smoking man was earlier in the show im sure youll agree he was way cooler before he got all cancerous and wimpy