DEATHROW_inmate DOOM³ model concept


May 18, 2003
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Hy, I have shown you guys the head off this dude.

Well.. I did some drawing yesterday. And I coloured it with photoshop. It is a dead Deathrow inmate zombie. the guy is huge and will have no problem killing you with just 1 finger.

Anyway.. it took me almost 3 hours total (draw+colour)

Anyway.. enjoy

this is pretty damn cool!
really like the detail of the head :)

oh and the bloos is very very very amazingly colored :)
pretty nice, but whats the deal with his feet, he only has 4 toes lol :LOL:
THNX for dah comment's

fireball - Why do you think his feet are bloody ;).. nah I accedently erased his pinky toe, and I erased the other one because it looked pretty neat IMO

Anyway.. this is just medium work. I can doo much better if I have the time for it. there are loads off errors I made in the drawing.

no1_ His left legg (the one with the chain), should be a bit more to the right. He looks a bit unstable at the moment
no2_ The black area above his head. (next time I will use a ruler to get it straigt or just do it in photoshop)
no3_ His arms are to long
no4_ I need to get a decent pen 0.2 to ink the sucker. It looks a bit too messy at the moment with all the pencil lines. bet hell. I am satisfied with it, I am not going to touch it anymore.

/me tries to sketch a HL² concept guy
Anyway, great work, where did you learn to draw like that, eh Evil?
they only thing that i dont like is the fact that the blood is too real. It doesn't fit in with the rest of your image. other wise, it looks great!
yeah I know.. I havent experimented with creating realistic cloth and skin yett so I had no experience in it. maby I will redoo the colouring when I am more experienced in that part.

also the background needs a bit more work.. but since it is just a concept image it doenst really need it.. it's all about the character

the background would bee distracting if executed to detailed. however it coule be a bit more detailed IMO
Hey there Evil thats some great art work there, really like it alot. Im not just writing to complement your work but to make a request as well. Im currently getting the solid design and concept down for a HL2 mod I've been planning for a while. I've got a good few years in experience of working for mods and leading them, and a solid concept is a MUST for any mod/game. I have all the gameplay ideas, features and details in text but to complete the concept we are looking for a skilled concept artist, and you seem to have the skill. I dont normally request for help like this, but we need a good concept artist bad. If you would be as kind as to contact me via email ( [email protected] ) or by ICQ (117880134) I would be more than happy to send you the design document and explain everything to you. Thanks Evil.
P.S. If anyone thinks they would be able to help with concept art please contact me- decent pre-development concept art is very important to any mod.
thnx for your comments howser. but I am srry that I have to dissapoint you. I am not going to spend any time into mod's in the near future (unless it is a mod so worth while that I just have to contribute to, but that is something I dont see coming ATM). Because I am way to busy with school at the moment. I am kinda strugeling to get good grades so I can get to the next year.

Anyway.. thnx for asking me. srry that I had to reject the offer. I would have gladly helped you if I where in a diffrent situation right now.
Ah never mind, that it a shame. See getting a concept artist istn a problem but what I really wanted was one with a passion and understanding for first person shooters and games like half-life.
totally understand mate. I just finished school a few weeks ago :)
very quake 3, very nice, I'm suprised to hear you're struggling at school, you seem very knowledgable....ah well, best of luck with that....