Dota 2 "Dark Rift" Update Adds Underlord


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May 29, 2007
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As promised during the All-Star match back at The International 2016, this evening has seen Valve release a new major patch for Dota 2. Dubbed "Dark Rift", the update introduces the long-awaited Underlord hero, who uses his powerful area of effect spells to devastate team fights while also being able to teleport himself and multiple allies across the map to a friendly unit's location. As the last hero to be ported from Dota: All Stars, Underlord's arrival is well overdue, and his abilities will undoubtedly shake up the Dota 2 scene rather substantially.

Also promised in the interim between Underlord's reveal and today's update is the arrival of a new post-game summary. The summary, as shown in the Dark Rift update announcement page, features three distinct pages showing varying levels of detail and statistics regarding the chosen game. These include "Overview", which shows heroes played, basic scores, and overall playstyle; "Scoreboard", which features in-depth stats from kills and deaths to gold and experience gained per minute; and "Graphs", which shows visual representations of game-wide trends regarding how a match and players progressed.

Even though there isn't really a whole lot more to this update than those two changes, they are definitely sizable enough to warrant their own themed update, and we're extremely happy to see Underlord finally make his arrival in Dota 2. Next up: Monkey King and the New Journey!