Dota 2 "The New Journey" Update To Introduce 2 New Heroes


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May 29, 2007
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With The International always standing as the biggest annual event for Dota 2, it shouldn't really be a surprise that Valve are using it as a platform to reveal new heroes and content - they've done it plenty of times before. However, while we all sort of expected the long-awaited arrival of Underlord (previously known as Pit Lord) during the All-Star match on Thursday, the community was recently surprised by the reveal of a brand new hero known as Monkey King.

Seemingly associated to the game's Monkey King Bar item, this mysterious new hero can seemingly use his extreme agility to overwhelm opponents before spawning hordes of rampant monkey duplicates to finish them off. Check out his teaser trailer below!

While Monkey King may be the truly new kid on the block, let's not allow him to overshadow the importance of Underlord's addition to the cast. As the update's name suggests, Underlord marks the final Dota 1 hero to be ported into Dota 2, allowing Valve to now focus all of their attention on adding fresh and original new members to the extensive Dota line-up, including Monkey King. As highlighted during this year's All-Star match, the Underlord is able to dramatically change the flow of a game using his ultimate, which can theoretically teleport an entire team across the map to a chosen location. Here's a full replay of the All-Star match.

It's not quite confirmed that The New Journey update will introduce both Underlord and Monkey King, it seems extremely likely given Valve announced both new heroes only one day apart and scheduled them for "Fall 2016". This would mean the update and all of the other features it will introduce will be released on August 23rd 2016, 10 days after the conclusion of The International 2016 later this evening. We're looking forward to the new patch, are you?