e3 movies

Munro, your support rocks. And so does the bandwidth on the main halflife2.net site! No slowdowns or anything. Thanks for supplying!
Played m8 God this is what ive been wating for :cheers:
Second server is down the first link works but it slow what the hell im getting it :) it will be worth it thanx again for the links :)
I see the first 10 seconds or so, and the water is making me drool. And the planks. And the barrels, and the.... (You know the rest).
Same. And the second link doesn't work for me. I hope these get mirrored soon. I wish I had a server :(.
Please do if you can we need all the mirrors we can get :p

God I wish the bygames staff were awake now to host them :/
right click on the top one and click Save As, or Save File
after i save it ill upload it for you.
Says i got 20 min, it will give me some time to go get something to eat.
My GOD this is to much i havent even seen half way through the first mov and ive already jizzed my pants ..:thumbs:
I just got up to seeing Alyx. Wow, I might actually play multiplay HL more than the mods if it's diff than from HL1 and looks like this, lol.
im trying to hold myself back from viewing untill the whole thing is done :flame: :flame: :flame:
Jesus christ the facial on that girl are astounding woops ive done it again (underware change):eek:
Your a strong person. BTW Strider scares the hell out of me, lol. Imagine being in a dark room and just seeing 4 poles coming towards you. "Wtf... HOLY $#!%"
mine is about 60% done, any gun fights in it?
Hmm looks like that alien threw that barrel???
Lol, Alyx doesn't look to bad for a computer generated person, lol. Looks so real it's gonna be freaky to see the people in mods die. It's gonna be like, ":eek: ;( " lol.
Hey do these movies actually show ingame footage? :cheese:
from what ive seen screenshot wise this game is gonna dominate my life :cheers:
Yeah it shows In-Game but no HUD (or is it VGUI, or both). It looks just like it does in the screenshots. Even better. So crazy. you have to watch it once some mirrors come up, or download it now. It's worth the wait!
seriously?? cant preview while im downloadin, cause im usin DAP but still if its got ingame il be hellahappy! :afro:
It's in game. Wow... the water is crazy. One prob for me though... The water never stops moving. It never becomes still I think. That might be one flaw since it's still water.

EDIT: My fault, it's a sewer. (OMG I was right! There will be underground networks in sewers! YAY!)
Rag doll phisics on the guard who gets spiked by the Hydra realy good..VERY Good.. I know its just a small point but i get off on them.:cool:
am only at 38% darn 56k lol :flame:
Yeah that flame hydra looked pretty damn cool in the screeny
Munro, If you need me to mirror downloads, or anything for you, ring me up, cause i dont use space on my domain, i just pay for it :x
News has been posted on the front page, still no mirrors I'm afraid :(
That Hydra shot is so cool... wow. This is so monumental.
less than 5 min..but i can hardly breathe...theres something wrong with me...call...someonewiw312
I'm so psyched up for the second video. Now all I need is a working link.
monumantal..good word :cheers: Cant wait to see this movie still only at 50% :x

Anyone read the PC Gamer review?, hella good, loads o screens, (only a few not on the net mind)
someone that has a gamespot account download them then mirror them for us :cheers:
I read parts, and that thing about the muscles raising and flattening and real physics, were displayed to me in that vampire game movie running on Source. I saw a certain um... "physics display in gravity" on the chick's upper body :\. This game might be too advanced.
rofl gojin, me thinks that the new technology in source is gonna set a definite new standard for games. What was the vampire masquerade 2 vid like then any good?
Not really that movie was pretty bad quality anyway but when the certain female in question did the juggling trick I knew HL2 was gonna rock ... her Alyx over here :cheers:
dunno which download you guys got but i have the 30meg download of ingame video. It shows the hud and everything.
I thought the vamp vid was realy good but nothing can prepare you for this NOTHING ... its just .....I cant find words (wipes tear)..
It looked kinda um, like Vampire Slayer the mod, but better graphics. Plus the chick well um..... you can see from above post. Physics are nice ;), lol. All I see for those sickies is more female characters in mods :\. Kinda sad, lol

Edit: Actually, I won't complain if I see more, lol.