Eh?..svencop included with HL2?

Doubt it.. they are just assuming that it will.. im pretty sure i heard somewhere on here that gabe said it will not ship with Co-op mode
They are going to help Svencoop create the mod, AFTER HL2 is released.
^^ exactly

It'll probably be ready soon after HL2 is released to download though im betting.
That's what your hoping for, and you said that just to make your insecurites more secure. :) Don't lie, you know it's what you want to happen, but probably in reality won't. I do it all the time too man, I feel for ya. ;)
I didn't get the sense that Sven was even going to get the game until the rest of us. They don't even have the SDK yet (though I assume they'll get it soon). That means they can't even start work on converting HL2 SP into coop until the game comes out, though they can start making their own levels now.
No, we wont be shipping with Half-Life 2.
how do such big companys print such crap when us forum types know so much more!!!
Ill race you to 100 Posts!!!!1111oneoneone

edit: i win