Einstein vs. Barney vs. Gordon

Who will win the fight?

  • Einstein

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • Barney

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • Gordon

    Votes: 7 58.3%

  • Total voters


May 25, 2003
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Yes..another battle thread :D

Here's how the fight goes...

Einstein (grey hair guy, no glasses) runs into a big room with an escalator. Barney also goes in. The g-man is standing behind the glass overlooking the room with a locked door behind him. Gordon also goes into the room. Gordon runs toward Einstein, and slams him onto the floor. "My god, what are you doing!?", shouts Einstein. "Why do we all have to wear these rediculous ties", asks Einstein to Gordon when he gets up. "This is why!", shouts Gordon as he chokes Einstein by his tie and then stuffs his tie into the nearby operating escalator, pulling Einstein in. "Oh my god, we're doomed!", shouts Einstein as he is instantly gibbed by the oh-so-great-physics of the HL1 engine. "Hey leave 'em alone!", shouts Barney. Barney opens up his console, with his leet haxoring skills and spawns a 3 headed tentacle. The tentacle gibs Gordon instantly. "Woot I just powndeded joo with my leet haxoring skillsors!", yells Barney. The g-man rubs his chin and walks away. Barney wins.
uh, id have to say that i would win the fight, i would jus go in and destroy everyone, i would then absorb their souls and send my minions to kill their family and friends. Unfortunatley there was no option with my name on it. but thats because i destroyed that too.
They all have gordon and a scientist in it! why, lets be original here guys! lets have a real fight!