Fav HL screenies


May 16, 2003
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A selection of my fav HL screenies over the years...

Barney gets fired by Black Mesa's new administrator for his incompetance during the recent incident:


I used to post this every christmas at nzfortress -- beware kids, don't let the jolly red fat man come for you...:


Defuse the chicken! (loved this model):...


The loneliest little s-gun. Actually it's a crap position for the s-gun but a nice view:


Where as this is a great s-gun posi. Kind of a 'guess just what happened' pic -- you can even see the point where he tried to leap to get away:

My patented skull'o'doom sniper crosshair... about to be used on me -- but note the excellent timing of the map change... (and did he ever whinge when it came up: 5min of "you lucky bastard!"...):


The dead scouts' society (don't ask):


Not the way to play deathbowl really but we just weren't going to let them get out of the spawn that easily:...


A typical NZP clan practise -- tactics? wot R thos?


[not one of my pix but too fun to leave out] CS speed hack (now actually do-able in HL2... :) ):

Haha, those are some crazy shots! :bounce: You have any more?:dork:
haha I had so many screenshots me and my friends took during games of TFC.. alas I lost them all :(
Not really got anymore screenies, but here's my patented skull'o'doom TFC sniper dot if anyone wants it.


Oh and one more -- my sgun is the one at top right. I'd just gone in to respawn to grab some more grens and when I came back out this was what confronted me... more evidence that n00bs can't think for themselves.

"Despite this place being called the 'badlands', Farmer Spanners though the sgun crops were sproutin' up reel purdy this year..."

Ah...I miss TFC...too bad nobody/only idiots/the 'CS h4><0rz' play nowadays...I was such a great medic back in the day...

Brings back memories, lol, funny ones at that, TFC was always fun and always has something funny happen lol :D
BrewHaHa's combat newsreel....The axis sniper's cover the town near salerno, the allies call it operation avalanche. This highly confidental pictured was taken at the...LET GO OF THE MIC...OH THE HUMANITY......*dead air shhhhhhhhhhhh*
The one with the good sentry where someone jumped made me laugh quite alot. I love watching people trying to escape from sentries.

I used to play TFC none stop. I was the greatest demo that ever lived. And pretty good spy too. Man i used to love that game. I still play it a bit now, the blueyonder and jolt servers are pretty good. Always an admin if you need one. I dont think ive seen anyone cheating on them. Although i have on many occasions been accused of cheating by noobs who have discovered a great mod for CS called Half-life which even comes with a sub game called TFC. On the plus side of those servers. They are in hte UK which means low lag for me.

I remember once we madde a huge tower made out of people must have been 11 people high. Everyone was looking at it, even the other team but them some enemy demo dropped a det pack.....Ive never seen so many gibs. He got 11 kills in one go. It was pretty fuuny.