Fave HL1 SP Mod's





As expected from the subject, I'm wondering what are people's favourite single player Half Life mod's. I'm really in the mood for one. I remember playing Poke646 and searching and searching for good mod's for the single player and found it a little fruitless, with some exceptions o course. And what's with so many mod site's being soooo phucken old? damn

What are some kickass sp mod's ?????

They Hunger 1,2,3 no doubt..... Really nice SP mod.. Download it from planet HL :cheese:
"Commme to mummmyyyy" was the best quote from TH... never really enjoyed the Neil Manke maps though Dark Star deserves some points for using monsters that didn't make it into the final HL release (eg., stukabat, chumtoad).

Other good mods for HL
  • Sweet HL - feat. 'Gordon' the warehouse manager and some Anime babe in a HEV
  • Azure Sheep - feat. Barney, some seriously good maps, and the lovely (proto Alyx?) perky Kate... *drool*
  • Edge of Darkness - Cyberat's magnum opus (he of rats maps fame)
  • Heart of Evil - Vietnam mod about capturing Kurtz from _Apocalypse Now_
  • Uplink - HL demo level
  • Poke 646
  • Bootleg Squadron (OpFor) - short but very good squad-based play.
  • Fallback Fire and Ice (OpFor)
  • Intolerable Threat - long series of maps using a mix of OpFor and HL weapons
I've been playing Azure Sheep and I'm quite impressed by it. You play as Barney - in my opinion it is at least as good as Blue Shift, perhaps better (it's longer too). It has some rather cool character and weapon modifications as well.

BTW, If you listen closely to the zombies in the 500mb HL2 video (the part with the propeller booby trap) you can hear some of the sound effects that were developed for "They Hunger".
Half-Quake and Half-Quake Amen (the mod has nothing to do with quake).