Favorite Firework


Jul 4, 2003
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What is your favorite Firework?

For me, its a tie between the home-made bottlerocket and the modified Piccolo Pete.

I like the Piccolo Pete after it has been taken out of its base, and the end has been hammered. I love the final explosion it makes.

But, I also like the homemade bottle rockets where the powder is taken out of the Piccolo Pete, added to the bottle, and a fuse is added. Those things make such a HUGE explosion!
Yeah, they are illegal in New York. That sucks. In California, only the lame kind of fireworks are allowed. No aerials are allowed, and that truly sucks. Oh well I acquired some nonetheless. 200 for 20$ :).
I havent lit a firework in my life, I hope to soon :D
Damn Simmo! I remember I was scared the first time I lit my first firework. Just remember, don't keep a lit firework in your hand for longer than half a second!
lol wot i crap place to live with no fireworks. God damn it sparklers are not officially being fireworks but they are sooo cool i can write my name :) But seriously the catherin whelele is the best!!