May 15, 2003
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Well i know i have already posted this idea/ MOD on the General Editing Forum, so don't slate me for restating it here, i just thought this would be the place to show of ideas for ALL the HL community, not just those with a passion for editing!! :E

This is the teaser storyline for Operation Everlasting Shadow, a mod for HL2 where you play Agent 151 (a Black Op)

Read and comment, if you would be kind enough:

From: Traffic Monitoring
To: Officer Barnes

Sir, I found this email on the traffic monitor, this was all we could get before our server'server side dll was destroyed by some malignent program, we're still tring to fix the damage.

+++Transmission Intercepted+++

From: 1723/7 <1723/[email protected]>
To: Agent 151 AgPR@relations***
Subject: Operation Everlasting Shadow

Shortly after the sucessful conclusion of Operation Black Bag ( by Ops team 451 it was discovered that a number of unauthorised members of the Black Mesa Security Force and a number of the Marines escaped the unpleasentness Since then they have disappeared from all of our records. Agents 572 and 117 tracked one of the marines (known as Barnes to his men) to a U.S military base in Alaska . Unfortunatly contact has been lost with Agents 572 and 117. But the Intel they have gathered so far suggests that some of the 'problems' are hiding out there, under U.S military guard. If the idiot Generals work out the exact nature of our treaty and involvement with Xen the entire plan will be under threat. You and you team will be inserted at 2300 hours on ||||.987982347989732


Server Connection Terminated......


989809909.|||Barnes must not be informed of the Agent's presence, if he was then we could be dealing with a fully armed military base, instead of a dormant one. You must also find out what happened to Agents 117 and 572 and recover/destroy any evidence of their presence. Furthermore the City 17 probl|||.9827373

Server.dll error....dll not found

well whadyya think ? :afro:
Sounds cool playing as a Spec op.. Hope to see it in action :cheers: